Ideal tent size for 6 plant scrog

I live in MA and can only have 6 flowering plants at a time.

I currently have a 3x3 tent, which cannot handle 6 plants.
My tent is in the basement where temps hover around 63 degrees.

What do you think would be the ideal size tent for a 6 plant scrog?

I can build the lighting and fans once the tent size is set.



What size pots are you going to be using?
I have a 4’x4’ and I have 5 in right now and I might be able to squeeze another plant in. Most of my pots are 5 gallon and 1 3 gallon.
The white thing isn’t in there anymore. I can post an updated picture when I get home

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I have 5 gal smart pots, but was considering 7 gal, if they yield would be improved

Have you ever done a scrog?
I am really interested in seeing how much space that require (on a per plant basis).

I’ve read other peoples posts about having to cull out female plant because they ran out of room

Like every other grower, I;m just looking to maximize my harvest in a tent that works best for my needs.

I hope you grow goes well & thanks for responding @Hawkeye_diesel

I’m in MA and use a 5x5 with scrog. Seems to be working out fine with 6 plants.

Also, 6 plants is 6 plants, regardless of flowering, seedlings, etc. etc. The state sees any living plant as a plant.

But the fine for more than 6 but under 12 is $100 with no further action. And they take the extra so not a very big deal.


For six plants a 4x4 should turn about 10 oz every 90 days, providing you have a veg room. Three or five gal pots would work since they are not fanning out as much and the buds should be nice two hand tall spires.


I’ve followed your grow & your set up is top notch!
In fact, your journal is what inspired me to do a scrog with white widow.

My biggest issue is that my only grow room is in the basement, which means the temps are in the upper 60’s.
I don’t feel comfortable keeping a space heater going while I’m at work, do you have any suggestions?

I’m new to growing and love this site because of the people on here!


If you use an hid light it will heat up the room a bit and you can add more fan keep it right where you want.

Veg is 75 - 85 degrees give or take and flower is 65-75 degrees.

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5 gallon should be just fine, would you be doin auto flower or feminized plants? It’ll probably be a little tight with 6, but should be alright, imo. My next grow once my SD and unknowns are finished. I’m gonna runn6 autos in my tent 1 or 2 in my box then after I harvest these I’m gonna scrog some Strawberry Kush and sour diesel

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I am growing in the garage during the winter here on the central coast of California and I am keeping my grow box warm with a 5 gallon bucket of water and a submersible aquarium heater set at 80F. Works great!


you could keep two plants in the 3x3 I think or use the 3x3 as a seedling / veg tent.

I think you are looking at probably something at least twice that size… but I tend to really want to give them more room than they need so that they can grow to their potential. I saw a couple of pretty good deals on grow tents on the walmart website the other day. Let me take a look over there and see what I can see for you.

got to walmarts website and copy paste this into the search field
Virtual Sun Reflective Mylar Hydroponic Plant 76x76x76 Grow Tent Box - VS7600-76

$179.99 and that would give you room to get around in the tent and still have plenty of room

Search: Grow tent on walmart for other options/ sizes.

I’m only growing one plant even though I could grow 12. I just don’t have the room for it. I’m going to increase that over the late spring and summer to a few more, but my thoughts are two or three plants in flower at all times.


I was thinking of using my existing 3x3 tent for veg, then moving to a 4x4 or 5x5 for flower.
I am intrigued by the idea of scrog and really want to get the most growth for the square foot.

I just bought some blueberry auto flower & will try an outdoor grow with these this summer.

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5x5 wouod be better for the 6 plant idea, imo


I was updating my post when you posted that lol @Hawkeye_diesel

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Thank you so much! @codman is my co-grower.

Best site with the best pro’s on the net as far as I’m concerned. The users are great too :slight_smile:

Mine is in a basement. The tent get’s to around 61 at night and 71-73 during lights on. You might be ok. Set up your tent and run it a couple nights before plopping plants in.


That’s my setup.4x4 flower, 30" x 30" veg. Got a Scrog going in the Grow journals right now.


how many plants are you doing at one time in the 4x4 flower tent @Stomper ?

First time I started with 6 from bag seeds and lost one hermie. Five got me right at 10 oz. six would be perfect so that I only have to get to 20 main tops per plant instead of 40 it takes to fill it with 4 plants. Same amount of yield. Bigger spire like buds with six than four but more tops per plant with four so yield per plant is higher. I think of yield per sq foot tho not plant.

A dirt farmer should get 10 to 12 oz from a 4x4 with hid or good leds.


I like 5x5x7 better to have extra space then not enough i was going to do 6 plants as well and thats what i came up with …wife said no shes happy with what i turn out now 3 plants in a 2x4x7 lol she wins

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The other benefit of going six instead of four is a month less veg time to fill the Scrog.