Ice Sheets 4th Journal. Auto Gorillia Glue

She looks awesome :ok_hand:

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My girls this morning:)


I just realized that you have 2 threads going, even though I’ve got both set to watch. Looks great :+1:


LOL. I think after this gorilla glue grow I’m just going to use the Maximum 3x3 journal for all of my posting. I get confused myself

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Can you get an up close shot of the colas? Also how long have you had your lights on a flowering 12/12 cycle?

Hey bud. No problemo. This is 27 days after flipping 12/12 for my auto Misty. Looked at the trichs last night and they are just starting to show some cloudiness. Feeding big bloom, tiger bloom, and cha-Ching tonight. Might be on to the flush next week but will check trichs again in a few days.


Very nice @IceSheets that’s beautiful for only 27 days in!

Thanks man! I did have them flowering under 24/7 light for 7 days with my old blurple before I got the HLG and flipped to 12/12. I’m guessing I’m on week 6-7.


Just flipped my lights and about to switch to my HLG so I’m pretty excited! But I’m using jacks for my nutrients so I wonder how that differs from the fox farms :thinking:

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Nice man. The hlg will bring lots of happiness. I’ve never ran anything besides fox farm. Once I run out I’m gonna give jacks a whirl

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I was going to run with Fox farms @IceSheets but the fact that I don’t have to flush all the time is what made me really go this route. I’ll keep watching your grow!

Forsure. I actually only do 2 flushes and then the final flush. I start in FFOF and don’t start any nutes till they start to flower. I also add nutes to my first gallon of water and then add two more gallons afterwards. Not sure if that means the nutes are getting a little more watered down.

Who knows:)

Thanks man. I’m starting a new grow on my other topic. “Absolute Maximum Yield in a 3x3”


Hey everyone! I’m leaving on vacay on Thursday and harvesting on Monday when I get home. Trichs are cloudy and amber right now. Going to flush with 4 gallons of water tonight. Here is Misty the auto on week 9 from seed. Got to love dem autos.



Hey friends! Just got home from vacation. Misty is looking good. I am seeing new white hairs. Is she fox tailing or is that just new growth? I checked the trichs and they are all cloudy. Not seeing much amber yet. Should I stick with my original plan of doing one last flush today and harvesting on Friday?


Decided to harvest today! Misty was a great girl:)