I would like to wish

I would like to wish all the new comers and all the old timers and everything in between every success in all your grows from here on, love you all from the uk, the site and members are amazing. xxx


Hope this doesn’t mean you’re leaving.

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oh no im here for the duration and when i can offer advice to people who are struggling i defiantly will. thankyou for concern @Budz sleep well.


Thank You so much!! I am a newbe and I will one day be an old expert because of the experts that are already here. I’m thinking I am learning from newbes as well!! And right back at ya from Texas. :blush:


cheers @Flitme

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Now. Being that you are from the UK. I find it hard to believe you don’t know the difference in definite and defiant. Hah. Trying to follow in my footsteps? Lol

Just saying. Even if not intended. It was a good quirk imo

@Budz lol i had to read back to even get what you was talking about. in my defense i dont recall drinking that much but half a bottle off brandy was gone so yeah on a good day i know both meanings and spellings so it was definitely the brandy well spotted lol