I will let your be the judge


What does everyone think? How much longer


Hard to tell I still see white pistils or is she pushing out new ones? How many weeks along is she? Looks like she could go another week or so to me…check trichomes? Nice looking bud :+1::+1:


What @WillyJ said @Sirsmokes


I third that opinion, at least a week or 2


Yes she is stI’ll putting out white pistols it started foxtailing Im still going for stem split on thanksgiving


Tricomes aren’t ready yet I think it’s still got 2 to 3 weeks


At least two weeks! I would even say 3-4 if the strain is one of those that love to be harvested late! But it’s not the time to get your microscope to check for the trichomes :wink:


So far everything about this girl has been excelerated after 3 to 4 weeks of veg and she was already so big I had to put her into flower for lack of room. Then after the light flip she only had a week of preflower before her buds started to form so I’m not sure we are finishing up week 6 and the tricomes are mostly cloudy with an occasional amber here and there. It just started fox tailing Tuesday night so all the white pistols you see are from the tailing.


I’m gonna guess the fox tailing is due to aggressive defoliation, is it a strain that’s known to foxtail?

Foxtails aren’t necessarily a bad thing, but you need to be vigilant on humidity levels with them. Due to the bud structure they can trap a lot of moisture which can lead to mold and bud rot. If you’re able to keep the humidity low they will really pack on some weight though.


Yes my humidity is around 35% and it’s a unknown strain was told sour diesel but who knows honestly I’ve got a close eye on them im bairly able to keep the inside of my domes wet lol bur thanks for the heads up I will keep an eye. I figured it was light intensity as it’s only on the buds directly under the lights.



She got her stem split tonight and will get cut in 7 to 10 days


I’ve always read you only split the stem up to 72 hours before harvest. Any longer is no good. You are trying to stress the plant for a short period to produce more resin. If you’re stressing it out for over a week. You’re asking for late problems.


Not really last time I did it was for 7 days and she was just fime


Plus it is honestly 72 to 96 hrs before you see any real results


But I tried some popcorn I pulled the other day and I’m quite satisfied so looks like I can cut her down when she stops show changes so probably more like 5 days she will get the chop I got 1 nice bud off of her that’s dryING for a thanksgiving appetizers