I want to set up the perfect 4'x8'x 7'and need advice

Hello I have several questions on a 4x 8 setup

Tents a gorilla light model. 6’ 11"

I have a California solar extreme 500 and I was going to purchase another.
Is that enough for a 4x8 company claims 4x 4 flower coverage. I have heard conflicting footprint size,for those lights.
I also have Viparspectra Par 1200 and I was going to purchase another.
Other lights I have available are California Solar storm 440.
I also have a Kind K3 L600
Also I recently purchased a Solis-Tek STX 400 ballast and bulb.
With the idea of having either 2 solar extremes on each side of it
My research says, watts needed per square foot ranges from 32 to 50 per foot.
I only have 2 separate @120v receptacles one dedicated for lights and other for the other stuff,such as heater when lights are off. Fan which is Infinity 8" Humidifier / circulation fan.
I’m not afraid to spend money on more lights,either another solar extreme 500 or another viparspectra par 1200 and something in between it.
Although I have all lights I listed I haven’t used any yet.
I’ll even consider a larger hps for the middle. I just want a balanced matching set up.
Only reason I have such a wide variety of lights is I got great deals on them with the thought of selling the ones I won’t use.

Any suggestions would be helpful.

@dbrn32 would be the one to talk about lights with.

If you’re going to buy another light anyway, I would go with something that will actually give you ppf to calculate proper dli and provide a little more even coverage. Then run it in one half against the se 500 and compare results. Im betting you would be pretty pleased with results. Check fixtures from hlg, chilled tech, fluence, or there about.