I used Florescent light and it have some tiny yellow spots

A customer has a question and I hope we can get some opinions on it, thanks

I order Super Skunk , OG.Kush and Agent Orange , I used Florescent light and it have some tiny yellow spots and some start wilting a little so I raise the lights a bit higher, I want to make sure the lights is raised the right height and I sprayed it twice a day but my husband told me he sprayed it too so I wanted to know too much water is not good right and too much lights is not good either right , it look good beside the 2 that have yellow tiny spots and 2 that is wilting, I do put in in the window sill for natural sunlight. Please I need some good advice !

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Why dont you join us here on the forum
Please post a picture as well
You should only water when soil is dry they dont like to be over watered tbe yellow spots can be caused by water droplets on leaves acting like a magnifying glass
But pictures would help determine that
Also how many lights are you running and at what wattages
Alsohow close to tbe plants
Best way to determine if your to close is to hold hand above plants if the light burns your hand it will burn the plants
With that side you can get flouresent light pretty close
For a 4x4 space youll want min 600watts of light in flower to grow dense buds