I need help with my plants


Is this leaf septoria or not? If so, can somebody tell me what I have to do to heal it?


Here’s a couple more pics


Looks like you need a humidifier buddy


Are you saying it’s a humidity problem? I know my setup is makeshift if that’s what you’re saying.


No I will leave the diagnosis to the pros but from what I seen you need a humidifier but it might be heat stress


I think it is pH.



Ok thanks.


BTW MacGyver, is the only way to test soil ph by getting some of the soil & putting it in distilled water for 24 hrs then testing the water? Or there some better, quicker way?


That one leaf, it might be more than just pH, remove it immediately, keep in mind, things like leaf septoria are from the microbes taking advantage of plant tissue that is damaged and/or weakened from things like damage from a pH out of range causing a nutrient deficiency in the leaf. Also be careful of physical damage to the plant surfaces from the scrog. And make sure humidity and airflow are good.



If you can run zero ppm water through the soil, but you have to be sure it is slowly soaking through the soil and bringing some of what is in the soil with the run-off out the bottom, to try and get a somewhat accurate reading, and not just running through the sides or though porous ares of the soil and not really leaching anything out of the soil leaving you with the mostly pure water to read. You can also take some soil from the root zone, and probably soaking it for 15 minutes would be good enough for a reasonable accurate reading.



Can I use the liquid ph up&down to the soil ph or how do I adjust the soil ph? Any tips MacG?


Also I got one of these in the picture, my question is are these things worth using or should I use the soil in the water for testing my soil ph? What do u recommend? I’m going to buy a digital ph tester in a month or so.


You can use one of those meters, but they are not always very accurate.

You can use your pH up or down to adjust the pH in the soil up or down. You can do this by adjusting your water to the correct pH for your media, about nearer 6.0 for more soil-less media(mostly peat or coco) and 6.5 for real soil. Then you can flush the media with at least 3 times the volume of the container, so a 1 gallon pot gets at least 3 gallons of properly pH’ed water. Then you would give the container one times the volume, like one gallon of the proper concentration of nutrients that is also properly pH’ed. Just throw away any excess run-off. This is basically a simplified example of drain to waste.



Thanks for the info MacG.