I had Powdered Mildew and used milk


Attached are some photos but I noticed a bit of powdered mildew two days ago I trimmed the infected parts off and then did some research. I ended up using a spray bottle to spray a hefty amount of 40% water 60% milk and left it to bake all day in the sun. Now I see signs of PM but I can’t tell if it’s just crusty milk. It’s all over my entire plant now, when I caught the mildew the other day it was just on four or five leaves. Thanks for the help! I’m going to try and clean all the leaves tomorrow. image|231x500

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Your NOT gonna believe this remedy, I use this on my plants and man knocks it out but it’s …READY?..mouthwash
seriously… one part mouthwash three parts water sprayed on the plants on the affected area, and it’s gone…you MAY have to spray it again, and keep an eye on it …but powdery mildew is the same “type” of spores that are in our mouth that cause bad breath, infections, and mouthwash kills that’s spore…honest!!! I had an old timer tell me about this little remedy and I didn’t believe him and I looked it up on the internet and sure enough there it was so I thought I’d try it and it works so beautifully

Sorry I forgot to also say when you pluck from one plant make sure you put those affected leaves in a bag and get rid of them I did it one time and dropped a couple leaves on the ground I went out a week later and that whole area had to be sprayed with the mouthwash and then it was gone, also wash your hands in between each different plant don’t transfer it from what plant to another and good luck LOL I did a major spray of mouthwash on my plants as a preventive and a couple spots had the white powdery mold the next morning I went out waiting for that nasty but yummy skunk smell LOL LOL LOL the only thing that hit me was mouthwash smell

@Taxoo22; I remember someone on here saying to use skim milk for Powdered Mildew. I think it was @KeystoneCops or @RandomlyRan

It might have been me. The normal dilution is 10:1 Water:Milk for PM. But also, just washing the PM off with water, water with soap (I use Dr. Bronner’s unscented), or water with citric acid (~4.5 pH) will remove and prevent future blooms.

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