I.d. these plants


I have hash plant and amnesia I’m not sure which is which. stuff got mixed up


better pics call this #1





My best guess is #2 is the amnesia haze, based on the more sativa like appearance. I still could be wrong.
What’s your best guess @Myfriendis410 @MattyBear and @dbrn32?
Welcome to ILGM @mugzilla we hope you enjoy it here.


Got me. They all kinda look sativa ish to me. If I had to guess plant on left probably looks to have a little more indica bud structure


It does look like that


Beats me! They’re looking pretty good though. Is #1 foxtailing?


It sure looks like it @Myfriendis410!


Yes . not sure whats up. My fisdt grow


They both look more Sativa dominant to me. 2 more so than 1 a little. What’s your temps at? it looks like you have some taco-ing on some leaves there too possibly


Really no way to tell other than guessing if you keep good log book these things wont happen


good idea… next batch I’m on it… My space seems solid though…


running 80% on the tops and 75% 4" down… winter grow though so it’s been coolerby a couple degrees and down to 58% at night


78 right now, trichomes are bulging, 1 more week of flush should be about right. I’ll trim water leaves tomorrow and post up more pics


1 week to go. these trichomes are going off first so I’m going w/ hplant on these two. The stem broke on one and it will be interesting to check out results. I’ve been giving straight water for a week and today I’ll flush. I probably vegged too long but look how that on bud is sideways and still hanging.