Hummingbird migration starts soon

Mrs wanted to know from all over, if any, what types of hummers do yall have.

We are just starting over were we are at. New undeveloped place, had one feeder in May, one hummer every week. Now a dozen or so. We had 30 to 70 at times last place, 4 feeders filled daily.

We had a new gold throat, never seen before. It wont be long before they migratation starts. We have seen rufus, red throats, purple throats, common collosipes(sp). :purple_heart: hummers.

We get common hummers, males with blackhead. Big storms and migration is when we get other types. Normally pull feeder mid oct. Way in front of first frost. So they move on.

We get magazine birds and blooms i think, belongs to mrs. Mama wants to know watcha got.

Being in the Midwest we do not get a lot of hummingbirds. We have several pairs of Ruby Throated we see regularly. Early in the season we feed them. Now they visit the flower beds. Occasionally we see a green bodied / emerald one but can not identify it specifically. I suspect it is a Ruby.
They love the Virginia Blue Bells in the spring. The big Hollyhocks and cosmos, zinnias and phlox.

Mostly ruby throats but there are others i cant define. Im not home enough from work to sit and watch

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I’ve seen Black chinned, Broad Tails, Rufous, Calliop and maybe 1 or 2 more that I think are different but haven’t id’d them. Some we only see during their migration times.

Rubys are very aggressive, run others off. We only get them early and late. Or major storm blows them back .

Cant find a name for the gold throat.

My sweetie is from El Cajon/Lakeside. 40 yrs is coming soon

We have had these beautiful birds coming for a few yrs now. The rufus the ruby red and a cpl ive never seen before here. Only on national geographic channel. Lol. Were in upstate n.y. its time to take the feeder down next week or so if it keeps cooling down, so they will know to travel back to mexico. Nice to watch. I actually had a rufus in my hand a few weeks ago. It got trapped in my garage getting exhausted flying next to the fluorescent fluorescent light and I put my hand up and it sat right in my hand and then I held it and Pat it waited a few minutes and then let it go and now when it comes through our breeze way I swear that it’s the same hummingbird and he kind of hovers and hovers and says hello to us or thank you for saving me or whatever I just think that’s pretty cool and I feel that it’s the bird that I did save

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We only have the Rubies, where we live. They are very possessive of their feeders. The dominant ones will sit on a nearby tree branch and watch the feeder. And chase off any others that have the nerve to come around.
Interesting fact about them. When they first come back in the spring there is some light activity at the feeders. Then in May and June there is no activity at all. In August and September the activity is very heavy, and there are multiple ones swarming around.
This because shortly after they arrive, they build their nests. So by May they are busy feeding the babies. They feed them insects mainly, so the adults have no interest in the feeders at this time. Have you ever seen one snatch an insect out of the air? They are very good at it. After the babies are out of the nest their diet changes to nectar and sugar water feeders.

We do love beans and buds in morning ans watching them hit the feeders early. New place, planted honey suckles, trumpets, jasmines and others for hummers.

Fuzzy260, welcome to the happy zone. Thanks for posting.

Gold throat

Im in ky had dozens of them we pull our feeders frist on September so they we go ahead and start there migration they still on few flowers but most has gone