Humidity and temp in tent

how do i get humidity up and temp also in grow tent i have 3 seedlings started and useing fox farm oceanalso is there any one that i could grow with this first time that would be cool. also im using a bloom-grow2x2x4 tent with 300watt grow lite.

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Hello. I’ll be following your grow. I’m starting my first tomorrow morning. Have a seed germinating right now she’s popping out of her shell and will be going in a pot of 6:1 Ocean Forest /Perlite mix in am.
I see a lot of guys using cut off plastic bottles as domes for seedling humidity.
Like I said this will be my first grow in decades. Only advice I can give is based on what I’ve read here. Good luck! Cheers!:+1:

Put em under a dome. 2 liter Pepsi bottle, cake lid from the Supermarket etc will keep humidity up and trap some warmth.

Thanks keep in touch