How to raise ph in soil

i always ph at 6.5 and using ffof/ffhf soil, noticed my runoff is getting a bit low(6.1)…what is the correct course of action?

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What do plants look like?
If happy just keep doing what you are doing.
6.5 is a great right in the middle number but its not exactly where it has to be.
If it starts to drop below 6.0 then maybe some reason to keep an eye on it but I’ve had then drop to 5.6-5.8 and have no trouble…
I typically water or feed with ph between 6.2-6.8.
Soon as it lands in that range I give it to plants…

If you don’t use recharge or some form of added microbes I highly suggest it. Good microbes help feed the plant at a wider ph range.


Plants sometimes like dropping just below 6. Some nutes are better abosrbed in the uppwer 5s and lower 6s. I like to toss in a few funky out of wacked ph waterings from time to time.

Older plants will contribute to a low PH in soil as roots die and acidify the soil.

If you want to increase the PH in your soil, dolomitic lime top-dressed in will do that.

Frankly, 6.1 is fine and generally trying to up the PH by watering will not be effective.


I wouldn’t pH down anything until numbers rise

here she is, shes not in bad shape just more yellow than id like and dropping leaves, ive heard gg4 is a hungry plant but if this this is deficient then idk- using ff nutes and ive heard to feed,water,water,feed…etc but ive been feeding every other water to keep ppm near 1400-1600
p.s. pic was from like 2 or 3 days ago- a bit more yellow now



That plant looks starving to me.
I had a good size GG#4 my last run, by mid flower I was feeding it 1700ppm GH trio every 3 days with cal-mag water each day in-between…
I got just under 16oz off of it.

When you do feed to keep PPM up, how much does it drop between feedings?

down to about 250-500

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you watered every day?

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Yes absolutely everyday with the big one .
If you can keep the ppm over 800 at the lowest I think it will help alot. If that means you feed ever other day and water the day in between then that’s just what you’ll need to do.
If you try make sure you get plenty of runoff it will help with hopefully not having to flush since you will be feeding more regularly.
But I would water any time the plant felt light weight and if ppm was below 800 I would feed.

was tht indoors?

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Yes indoors. This is the grow. It’s obvious which one is the big one if you thumb though it. Happys first auto run