How Much Light For Indoor Marijuana Seedling?

Cannabis seedlings how much lightHow much light does a seedling need indoors?

Ideally, marijuana seedlings need to receive a light input of 30 to 60 watts per square foot. Some growers start their seedlings under fluorescent light and then move them over to stronger lights. In my opinion, this tends to stress the cannabis plants. If provided inadequate light, seedlings tend to grow long, thin, unsupportive stems. If provided adequate light, the plants will grow sturdy stems that will support any further growth.


hey Robert …
i wanna know when i provided adequate light ,so why my seedling not grow & stay at that figure with two leaves ?!!
god bless u sir .

I germinate and clone under fluorescent lights and move them under metal halide lamps as soon as possible. For seedlings as soon as first set of true leaves are present, and for clones as soon as roots break through the oasis cells. This helps keep intermodal spacing tight. also a small fan to move those little guys around a bit will strengthen the stalks.