How much is to much?

I’m going to mix coco loco with ffof and others with ffhf but I’m not sure how much coco Is to much. And should I mix or layer?
These are the soil drama that will be unfold.


What are you trying to accomplish? FFHF and FFOF are both well made soils with correct PH. Personally if I had access to both I would layer HF on top of OF and call it good.

If you DO insist on adding coco; anything from 10 to 25% is fine.


Well last grow I did a a OF and HF mix, it worked great except extreamly muddy when watered. Also dried out really fast, so what I’m trying to do is increase water retention and less muddy, or dried out roots.
So what u offered with the % is what I’m looking for and everyone’s who agreed with you is about the same awnser across the board.

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Thanks for your awnser I’m getting ready to transplant my lsd girls later today.

Coco does not retain water. It’s designed for that purpose. Just an FYI.

I see what your saying I guess I interpreted it differently

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Water retention isn’t really a good thing with cannabis. It likes airy loose dry soil. Your plants will probably appreciate having the extra drainage.

This is why I love this place!
Thanks my friend I’ll keep you posted on my 2 grows

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I add perlite to my ff soils. Extra on the outside grows.

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You’ll be an old pro in no time. There’s a LOT of good people here. All they want is to see some bud porn. You now have a mission! haha.


Make sure to add perilite in with it if it doesn’t already have it in their will help with aeroation I never used ff soil so I don’t know lol but I do know adding perilite in twitch your soil and also some in between lays helps air flow through the soil and will cut done on your soil drying out to fast

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