How many cfls in this space

A question from a fellow grower:

hello, how many cfls an watts should i have in a 18x30x80inch space. an fan inlet and exhaust please

Here you go, read this handbook.
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18 x 30 = 540 then 540 x’s 2,000 (# of lumen needed for 1 square foot of coverage) =108,000 lumens needed for your grow space - lumen are located on box. can also figure 50 watts per square ft of coverage - 50 x 540 =27,000 watts

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Haha he’s talking 18" by 30"
Or 1.5 feet by 2.5 feet.
That handbook has a great article on what CFLs to use for the amount of space someone has.
Give it a read, you’ll be happy you did.



Missed that one - !!! Sorry - what an idoit Anyway “CFL” has some good information

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