How do you prune and when start nutrients

So when is a good time to prune your plants? My plants aren’t big they are about 4 weeks. And does this really give you a bigger yield? And also I have not start feeding them nutes yet they’re in fox farm ocean soil so I was told give it 6 weeks before using nutrients.

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@Boski2212 That’s good advice. Very nutritiously dense soil for a young plant. Water in a circle a couple-few inches from the base of the stem to force roots to stretch to find water. One DO NOT: DO NOT OVERWATER! If anything, stop on the dry side and see how the plant does. If she needs more, give her more. But don’t let the top 1/2”-1” stay too moist.

As far as pruning it’s up to you some go wild other prefer to just lst and tuck leaves in

Here’s mine at day 30 with some LST

Every grower is different, I’d say just play around with different methods till you find one that works for you. Happy growing my friend🥴

If you have big healthy plants with lots of branching and lots of leaves you can do some pruning, but if your plant isn’t all that big or bushy then there is little advantage to pruning because your plant will need all the leaves it can muster.

I defoliate one week after flip and 3-weeks after flip. These are heavy defoliation times. Then I will selectively defoliate as they move through flowering.

Ok thanks everyone. I just want the most I can get with big healthy buds.