Holes and brown spots on leaves

Hello, I am a new member and wish my first post was a positive one … I hope my next thread will be. I have filled out a ticket so here it goes.

What strain, Seed bank, or bag seed- Bag seed I got this seed from G6 “AKA” Jetfuel from my medical dispensary

Method: Soil w/salt, Organic soil, Hydroponics, Aquaponics, KNF- Soil sadly miracle gro I have since bout Happy Frog 50L bag and 4 FFOF 12L bags and mix them all together for Blueberry and Gorilla Glue Auto from ILGM germinating as we speak.

Vessels: Pots, Grow beds, Buckets, Troths- 5 gal bucket

PH of Water, Solution, runoff (if Applicable) - tap water I have a test kit and have to lower it to get to 6.0-6.5.I have digital but have not calibrated it as I dont have distilled water and cant find any right now.

PPM/TDS or EC of nutrient solution if applicable - I used miracle grow all purpose plant food mixed at 1/2 strength. I have since bought FF trio and the Dirty Dozen (due tuesday).
that I will use for the Autos I have
Indoor or Outdoor - Indoor

Light system - I started with a Philips 400W MH400 then 4 days ago I got a K3 series 2 XL 300 Kind

Temps; Day, Night - 70 day and night

Humidity; Day, Night

Ventilation system; Yes, No, Size- No, I have a fan osculating and can keep my door open and the room is not air tight

AC, Humidifier, De-humidifier,- No

Co2; Yes, No- No

This this is some G6 AKA jet fuel that came out from some buds I got from my medical dispensary I noticed the brown spots showing up last week and then some little holes I can find no signs of bugs no cobwebs I got some yellow stickies and no flying bugs stuck to it or do I see any in my room. My room maintains around 70 degrees with 40% humidity and a fan circulating I believe there’s plenty of fresh air in the room. I did put some diatomaceous earth on the soil and I have the soil dry this is Miracle Gro and I used Miracle Gro plant food mixed at half strength I haven’t given it any nutrients at all for about a week and I’ve just been giving it water till a couple days ago when I gave it some Fox Farms Cal Mag and I mixed it at half a teaspoon to a gallon and it calls for a teaspoon to a gallon I’ve never had run off as I’ve never watered my plant that much waterto run out of bucket. I havenoticed some white powder but I believe that’s for the diatomaceous earth and the fan blowing I could be wrong any help would greatly be appreciated.
I have seeds germinating and plan on putting those in Happy Frog and fox farm ocean Forest I took a Happy Frog 50 L bag and mix that with 4 12L bags a fox farm ocean and I and I did put some diatomaceous earth in with that mix I was going to put all of that into the buckets today so that I can put my seeds when they sprout. I also bought a pack of beneficial nematodes, HB+SC+SF that I planned on mixing putting in with my plant and the soil that I have just mixed up. There are some shiny spots on a few leaves also it reminds me of a slug trail.
Thank You for your input

Here is the silver on leaf

Wow thats alot of pics, Again thank you

Thanks for the detail and welcome to the forum.

A pic showing the whole plant in natural light would be helpful.

You’ll need to back off the nutes, as those dark green leaves are the very beginning of nitrogen toxicity. If you’ve been feeding without adjusting pH it is likely your pH is very low. When did you start feeding her and how old is she?

A few blemishes among older leaves isn’t really anything to worry about, though if she’s been overfed, then that could contribute to it.

In general, Miracle Grow anything is bad news for cannabis.

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They are 5 wks 3 days old today. My PH out of the tap is in the 7s so I have to lower it,so before I could test it was straight tap water and I know now Miracle Gro is bad (I learned from reading here on the fourm) I mixed it at half recomended and used sparingly at that (I know that does not make it better), the last watering with that was a week ago friday. I have disgaurded all miracle gro execpt the soil the plant is in.
Will this cause holes in the leaves? The big leaves seem to be dry.
I have not watered since thursday and that was with 1/2 strength FF Cal Mag, the soil is dry top to bottom.
Any idea about the clear/silver spots I have?
Is it a good idea to put beneficial nematodes, HB+SC+SF in my new Fox Farms soil and my current plant?
When should I start the FF nuts?
I know thats a lot of ?s I just want to do what is best.
Again thank you, here are I hope better pics.


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Holes and blemishes, particularly among older leaves, is common. I don’t know that I would worry about it. The edges that are scuffed up are probbaly a combination of nute burn and them moving around rubbing on the pot and other leaves. Again, not too much to worry about except that she is overfed.

Cal/mag generally isn’t necessary in a soil grow at least until in flowering unless you flush. This is particularly true if you are using tap water. A little cal/mag won’t hurt them, but it doesn’t really help either.

Your plants are eating well and don’t need additional microbes. One of the greatest benefits of beneficial microbes can that it increases nutrient uptake. At full doses the increase in uptake can be dramatic. I’ve had it cause nute burn for me in an otherwise healthy environment. You definitely don’t need that while you are on the verge of nute burn.

Monitor your PPMs to determine when you should start feeding. Your PPM shouldn’t be any higher than ~1,000 at this point, and I expect it is currently much higher than that.

Cannabis does need wet/dry cycles. From the look of that meter it is time to water again. I wouldn’t give her anything but water for another week or 2. Get yourself a good PPM meter so you can manage nutrients properly.

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Thank You for all your help and info I REALLY appreciate it. Do you have any suggestion for PPM meter? This is my PH meter I hope to get distilled water tomorrow but wont hold my breath as it seams hard to find at the moment. I do have a soil test kit.

Apera and BlueLab both make good PPM meters.

I would test your runoff pH to understand the pH of your soil.

$10-$15 ppm meters work fine for what you need.
You can do a run off to test soil ph or do a slurry test.
For a slurry test…
Take a couple tablespoons of soil from different areas / depths of soil and put in small container and then add either RO water or distilled water of about the same amount and stir it and wait 20 min or so and then use the calibrated Liquid PH pen to get a reading. You don’t want to use tap water as that changes the soil PH. If you do water using RO or distilled water you don’t need to adjust the PH as there aren’t anything (ppm particles) in the water so no need to check it or adjust it.
If you add feed to the water than you’ll want to check and adjust as needed

I bought this set about a 2 years ago and the PPM meter works just fine but the PH meter just quit working but up I have another as back up.

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