Hibiscus sunrise - is it time to flower?

I have 2 hibiscus sunrise plants that have been vegging for ab 10-11 weeks. They look pretty full. I topped at a few weeks to open up the canopy. Do they need to be trimmed and is it time to start the flowering phase. They are in a tent right now with 24/7 light. Any info will help. First time grower and couldn’t be happier, so far.


Nope. Trimming is done to improve airflow and light penetration within the plant. Your plant needs help with neither. Your plant needs those leaves to produce the sugars it needs to grow and be productive.

Keep in mind that cannabis often doubles in size during the first few weeks of flowering.

Looking great!


Thank you!! Is it time to start flowering?

That is up to you. Keep in mind how much room you have versus how big the plant is if it doubles in size. Plant size is what many growers go by.


Looks like you’re going to have problems when you flip to flower. You better figure out how you’re going to control height.


Good Morning :smiley: If your tent isn’t 80” you may have to do some bend and tying down. The stretch is real. :blush::v:


I would go ahead and move to 12/12 light schedule an start flowering stage.

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Most definitely I would start flowering I’m learning the hard way on the stretch lol I’m learning they will double in size and if you only have so much room it’s kind of a pain to take care of them especially with the lights I wish I would have started mine when they were about a foot tall but other than that they’re looking great :ok_hand:t3: