Here we GrOw Again (ILGM- Wedding Cake Autos)

They look great :+1: and you don’t have to water to runoff until you start feeding nutes, the purpose of runoff is to washout the uneaten nutes from your soil and replace it with the new you are adding. This keeps the nutes from building up and driving the ph down in your soil

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Update: 10 SEP (Day 13 Above Ground)

Each Plant 32 oz of pure water 6.5 PH, heavy edge watering of each bag.

Humidifier outside near 4" air intake to closet. Maintaining 55-60% RH inside closet.

Mixing Reverse Osmosis and Tap for 120 PPM start solution.

Increase Lamp: 119 watts.

Next round of Fluids will be ½ label strength Feed of the Trio Nutes with Cal Mag Full label to compensate for RO water. Will build to full label strength soon after.

Feed / Water / Feed cycle.

Currently running 24/0 lighting will adjust to 20/4 all the way starting at next watering.

Note: Prior to cutting the tops of the plant I will top Fill the bags with Happy Frog to adjust for settling.



Brother,… Do you have a link where good actual pictures of manifolding steps are shown?

Looking for a good detailed link Pic Tutorial. I had one before that I lost.

I want to go back and do a solid review before I start doing any cutting to these plants.

For a 6 top cola. How many actual stem cuts are you making? I am just trying to get better each Grow.

The main stem is cut once. This is a traditional topping which allows the growth tips at that node to become the two primary stems. That is the only topping / stem cutting done. The four growth tips of two lower nodes are allowed to grow out to become cola bearing branches. All other growth from the stem is removed - leaf stems and other growth tips.

Manifold and Main-Lining references
Two primary sources
Grow weed easy articles.
Nebula’s Manifold - Cannabis Main-Lining
Main-Lining Tutorial by Nugbuckets
There are others articles. Once you find these they often link to other articles.

Another good source is Coco for Cannabis. It has a section on training techniques. One in particular:
Mainlines and Manifolds - Best Way to Train…

I hope this help


That is what I thought your diagram represented. Thanks for the reply.

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Update: 12 SEP (Day 15 Above Ground)

Each Plant 80 oz of ½ Label Strength Trio Nutes, 6.3 PH, Cal Mag Full Label Strength. Slight Run off of each bag.

Lighting Change to 20/4 for duration

Waiting to top the plants.


Update: 9/15 (Day 18 Above Ground)

Using Feed, Water, Feed Schedule.

I have my hand written journal detailing the Grow. Good for Future Reference. I like to stay STONED 24/7 so it really helps. Now If I could only find my name tag I wear on y T-shirt.

(Only Water and Cal Mag This Time)

Looking things over this AM. Lights are now 20/4 hours. Watts:110, Lamp Height: 24"

I will confess I had my head planted in my @ss and did not have enough new Happy Frog to fill the 3rd bag when I needed it. I put “Used dirt” Happy Frog, of course, in one bag.

I was worried about mites but do not see anything in the grow chamber. So far so good. That used Happy Frog dirt the medium was stripped of all its original nutrients / what ever dirt has in it. That plant actually looks the best of the 3, LOL.

Results: The used Dirt is drying sooner and the bag is light and needs watering. The “New Dirt” bags are still pretty heavy. I dislike having 3 plants on different fluid cycles but, hey I am just sitting on my @ss watching plants grow (AKA watching paint dry) so looks like I may douse the one plant later today with water.

I am doing this Poor Boy Style. Rolling the dice.

Mix Ratio;

3 Gal RO- 62 ppm
Add 20 oz Tap- Now 118 ppm
Added CAL MAG Full label for 3 gal- PPM 515
Initial PH Check Now is: 7.0 PH
Add 1 drop PH down = 6.7 PH

Note, I am wondering if I don’t need tap water as the Cal mag raises the PPM above 100 so I should be able to get a steady PH reading ^100 PPM after Cal Mag

For those and myself a quick note PH check the water needs to be above 100 PPM to get a accurate reading. I am wondering that Cal mag raises PPM…Do I Really need tap water?

As a new Grower I always have trouble understanding what I am looking at before the Topping. Here is a good picture for the Rookies like myself.

I am getting close to Topping these ILGM Wedding Cake Autos.

I have my Grow Hero’s Tagged to see if they want to throw any tidbits out to me sitting here in the Peanut Gallery. @spankyjr1 @beardless @Hellraiser @MeEasy


As long as you get PPM up it would not matter if you used straight RO water
I just finished harvesting my last crop was in trim jail for a week pulled 2-3/4 lbs
How many nodes do you wait for before topping and at what node level do you top?



This time I am going to Use Brother @beardless technique he shared above (6 Top-1 Cut). Last Grow I was Edward Scissor Hands (Went Crazy Cutting) and I topped the Same Strain of Autos for a 8 Cola Technique.

I am going to let it Grow out 6 Pairs and Cut/top the main stem 1/2 above the 4th Pair of leaves. I am at 5 or 6 right now, but it is hard to determine just looking at them from afar. I want to keep these TIGHT and Growing UPward.

No Wonder you went on Vacation, LOL…Part time job pays off…LOL. You kept me on Track last Grow. I think I have the Shared Tools/ Knowledge to Crush It this time…Knock Wood…LOL. What is some of the better tastier strains you are growing? I still want to Try that Critical Kush you grew out previously.


Leaving Saturday for a week (still need to put my harvest in grove bags and repot new grow) I think I may add a photo to BOM trying to decide which one to use either a close up with lots of frost or a cola shot any opinions?

The ones I have currently growing are all clones from last grow I experimented a little after taking the cutoffs/trim from my plants about 2 weeks before flowering I just stuck them in a freezer bag and placed in the fridge they sat in there for over 2 weeks I got busy I figured I would try them just for the hell of it and they all took I gave 2 away and kept 5 they are all ILGM blue dream which is a excellent daytime smoke better than the BD i got from the dispensaries
Also after having about 6 nodes I bent them all straight over just above the first node, just experimenting and will flip as soon as i get back really want to start the new grow

Harvested 2 BD clones 2 ILGM BD from seed, 2 Fruity Pebbles from GC and 1 ILGM Zkittlez, The last Zkittlez from last grow was not that great this one I tried yesterday without curing and it’s awesome great smell taste and high

I have all new seeds/strains for next grow all FEM

super critical bud CBD
critical XXL
white widow

Growers Choice
White Rino
Death star
Pineapple chunk

I think they all are heavy Indica which I need any opinions on which ones to grow I can’t decide?

I may also start my first Journal
Happy growing and stay medicated my friends



I would post a Bud photo. I am not a fan of the close up resin shots myself.

As far as what to grow next? Dude you got a smorgasbord of possibilities to choose from. I wouldn’t have a clue. Maybe put them in same type individual packets by strain and reach in and pull a packet out of the bag blindfolded, LOL.

I just got back to smoking weed and reliving my youth in a old man’s body in the last couple years. I have read the White Widow can Yield some bumper crops though, so if your trying to bulk up that may be a option.

I may do three Blue Dreams on the back side of these early next year. I have some leftover Auto seeds I have never attempted. Actually… I could not germinate them if my clouded memory serves me right.

Would love to see you Journal out a Grow here on the Forum. I’m sure I would learn alot.

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Great choice just know they get tall at least the fems do don’t know about the autos

Will do

May try this, I know I want to do the super critical bud CBD the others I may do luck of the draw, I have plenty of weed bud love growing so why stop now

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I have no :heart: so you both get green ones :green_heart::green_heart::green_heart::green_heart:

My two cents spanky is white rino because that’s a strain I’ve had on my todo list for a very long time

And work I vote yes sir on the blue dream I love growing them, but as spanky said they can get big on you so don’t turn your back on them… again that’s the photoperiod not sure of autos

Sorry for budding in lol good luck :+1:



Feel Free to Reply away, post pics, whatever… Just looking for Shared Weed tips and tricks etc. It’s all good.

Update: 16 SEP (Day 19 Above Ground)

Waiting to top the plants @ next fluid needing event.

Feed/Water/Feed ratio. Next Up: Water

Going into 4th Day without watering coming off their initial ½ label feeding I gave them on the 12th.

I am using the Tried and True @hellraiser (Bag Lift- Weight Feel) method. I was correct about my recycled HFrog dirt not holding water as the “New Dirt” bags 1 and 2 are, but still am holding off watering any plant as they all still feel as if there is moisture in the bag. Today at 4 pm will be the 96 hour/4 day mark since last watering, so a watering is coming up soon.

Little explanation on using Recycled HF dirt in Bag 3. I spaced it and pulled a Rookie Grow move thinking that Bag of Happy Frog I picked up on Amazon (Used a tiny bit last grow to top off bags… would fill 3 bags. Nope… and there came the game time decision to Go with the stuff I saved in buckets from last Grow after I autopsy the Root ball. I was worried about mites, but I think because I had them covered in the Sun they did not get any pests.

My previous grows I did not water properly and I never got close to filling out a 3 or 5 gal bag with root ball.

This time I am using the Flood / Drought method shooting for the 20% rub off, so I will be interested in what these root balls will look like upon completion of the grow.

The 2 photos are from today.

I looked at all the plants and I believe they are all pushing the 6th Node. I will cut at the 3.5 node area at next Fluid needing event. Just letting it play out and am trying to get a feel for watering this Grow cycle.

I think I may very lightly stake it down after the snip. I will be careful as I split a main stem last time trying to flex the plant too much before it had any slack in the main stem so to speak.

2nd photo is my Humidity Generation tent where I have my Humidifier next to the wall of the Grow chamber. This Humidity box I have lined with refletix (Lowes Shiny Stuff) and I use it as a seeding starter area.

I scrapped idea scrogg net frame after I took a hit off my “Reality Bong of Life” realizing I am working with a 22” x 22” space that serves as my Grow, Dry, Cure one in the same room tiny area. Heck the walls of my closet can double as the scrogg net if I ever need one, LOL. I choose to keep my grow area tucked away, covert, in an interior closet, away from prying eyes. All the plants are for myself anyway so just trying to keep myself HIGHLY medicated.

Plan on dialing up the wattage a day or two after I make the cuts and let the plant cast off what it does not want they stake them down to the position I want them to grow from, upward I hope, LOL.

I think that with a photo period dialing up the wattage gradually mimicking the environment may do more good than with a Auto. These things are like lighting a fuse. You get what you get.


Please no pictures of this… :hushed::rofl::sweat_smile::joy::rofl:


Update: 17 SEP (Day 20 Above Ground)

A few pics from today after I made the cuts to the plants x3.

I used Brother @beardless’ 6 Cola Top Technique shown above. They were pushing the 6th nodes out.

I am going to let the plant grow a day or two until I final position / stake the main branches of the plant into the wagon wheel design.

I have one plant that I think I pushed down (Main Stem Bent Over, crooked) with the seedling light being too close the first few days of life? Going to Roll with the punches on that one and just try to get it going vertical.

Feed/Water/Feed cycle.

Today: Water- 100 oz in all plants to achieve run off. Cal Mag Full label

Start solution : 120 PPM
PPM: 467 after cal mag
PH: 6.8 input

Note: The recycle dirt bag is the bag closest to the door in the pictures. I can see the nutrients were stripped out of the medium last grow as the Run off Happens with this bag 20 oz of fluid sooner than the other Two plants with “Never Used” Happy Frog.

I checked run off just for Giggles and used dirt was stripped out depleted as I figured it would be.

  • Used Dirt (Bag 3) Run off: 111 / PH 6.3
  • New Dirt (Bag 1) Run off: 422 / PH 5.3
  • New Dirt (Bag 2) Run off: 435 / PH 5.3

Lightly 4 corner staked the plants down, but need to adjust these in a day or two for final positioning above the circle of dirt / bag top.

Next Feeding I will incorporate the @spankyjr1 aquarium pump to bubble contents of the bucket adding air to the fluid. Why Not? Makes sense to me. Also plan on raising the wattage to full BLAST as these are autos and the fuse it lit.

I read that giving the plant too much light will not hurt the plant (As long as you don’t fry them) and the plant will use what it needs. I grow so little that I am not getting cute with the lighting on these autos. Going to Rev the Turbos and hit this grow HARD and AGGRESSIVE on the nutes.

I read that the photo period growers, that some like to mimic the seasons Spring, Summer, Fall dialing up the wattage in summer. I don’t think it matters with Autos?

I don’t have alot of time to play around with these.


Plants look great nice and healthy

Using HFHF I usually get around 2000 PPM at 2-3 weeks soil use numbers seem really low

I added a bud to the bom if you have time to check it out


I hit them only with 1/2 Label of the Trio on the 12th of SEP. Prior to that it was only water.

Today Was Water and Cal Mag.

Next fluid event (4-5 Days from Now) Full Trio Strength Label.

I think my Reading at 1/2 label was 900 PPM ish going in.

2nd Update: 17 SEP (Day 20 Above Ground)

Lamp: Adjusted height to 22” above Canopy

Watt: Increase to 140 w. Trying to keep a watchful eye on the temps in the closet as I have raised the wattage.

This HLG 135 v2 Board will max out around 165 Watts. I am running a Kunan watt meter which helps out a lot. I think this is the generic brand of Kill-a-watt meter reader. I found out you had to plug in KWH value in order for the wattage meter to stay on the LCD, or I had to loop cycle thru the menu to read the watts again after I adjusted it. Found a good YT set up video as the paper instructions were pure garbage.

I have super crappy HARD water. Right now, today a Glass of Crap water is reading 832 PPM at the Tap with a 7.6 PH reading. RO Filters will get it down in the 60 PPM range.

Situation / Observation.
I know the rule of thumb would be mix the chemicals in the water and apply immediately. I had whipped up a batch of “Potion” / Fluid to put on the plants but did not use right away. It sat covered in a 5 gallon bucket for about +36 hours with CAL Mag, RO and Tap. Initially after cal mag I had a 6.7 PH steady with around 470 PPM. When it came time to use it I noticed it had climbed +.5 PH up from 6.7 to 7.2 PH and PPM stayed steady of course at 470. I came back and put a couple drops of PH down back in the solution and added to the plants. I am guessing the crappiness of my Tap water plus the RO water along with the Cal Mag…it just sat too long? Don’t plan on mixing chems in my start off water until I am sure I am going to apply the fluid next time.

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