Here we GrOw Again (ILGM- Wedding Cake Autos)

Grow #3 is now underway.

Dropped 4 ILGM Wedding Cake (Auto) Seeds to Water on 25 Aug. Three of the four seeds have sprouted. I moved all seeds to the Jiffy compressed Plugs after they cracked and got tails. I still have quite a few autoflower seeds.

I had good luck in Manifolding and defoliating the ILGM/WC Autos (Breaking the Rules-I know) on the last grow which I documented with lots of pics here on the Forum.

My Grow space is so small (27" x 27") I need to manifold to force the plants to grow more upward than Christmas Tree shaped as I got when I did not prune Grow 1 taking up too much space.

Plan on using 3 Gallon Bags with a 8 Line Manifold, LST and attempt to Grow 3 this Time all the way. With my Space if I am going 5 Gal Fabric Bag I am limited to 2 bags.

Note: I did use the Hydrogen Peroxide in the water to soften the shells a bit. This was the first time I used peroxide in the water. I like it. Going to use this method from now on.

Today I have cut the nets off the Jiffy Plugs 3 of 4 and have transplanted the three that have sprouted to Jiffy Cups.

I am going to hang the HLG 135 board today in the Grow/Cure closet and dial it down to 50 watts as the plants are still very delicate.

I have made a plethora of mistakes grow 1 and 2. Going to try and put it all together Grow #3 and Crush It this go around.

Tagging a few of my Grow Brothers: @spankyjr1, @Hellraiser, @beardless, @Dennis62

Will post some pics along the way.

I will be using a HLG 135 lamp with the Flora Trio Nute Line, Fox Farm Happy Frog Dirt.

For this grow I only bought a new Infinity Carbon Filter and the Apera PH pen. Trying to do this on the cheap.

Last grow I had no smell after 4 months with the filter. Not taking any chances with smells as I am growing in the hood.

Here we Grow /Go Again.


Best of luck with the new grow brother! :sunglasses:
I’m about ready to chop my current grow next week have some clones going to move to flower tent when done chopping and new seeds on the way to start another when I get back from a trip

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Thanks for the tag grow bro.
I have the photo version of wedding cake. Curious to see how they compare when I get a chance to grow it. It is funny how that grow list keeps “growing”.
This is a topped, six colas pattern I have used on autos. I go with six because 8 gets a little crowded within the limited space available.

An alternative to full manifold / mainline is this two branch with each branch topped pattern. This gives you 8 colas. With an auto probably don’t have the time to grow out that many nodes before topping the main stem. May need to go with fewer and top earlier. Just thought I would throw these out there for you.

3-gallon is plenty big. What is your grow medium?
Hanging out and watching.


Set to watch and learn!

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Set to watch my friend, hope all goes well… :smile:

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The Autos Start and Finish pretty quick, so i may go with the 6 Cola top you show. I know for sure that I don’t have the space to just let them grow with no pruning. I like to go back and look at Arrow’s thread periodically to see what has been posted.

I am going the cheap route out of necessity, and am using Happy Frog Dirt.

I am interested to see on Grow 3 if I can keep the leaves looking good throughout the Grow. I think one of my biggest mistakes in Grow 1 and 2 was not watering to run off through out the Grow cycle. By the time I adopted that method I had the leaves discolored and was never able to correct that.

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Gratz dude I use peroxide too 3 tsp to 1 cup of water ( I also expiremented with also 1 tsp of vegetable glycerin and had 9/10 germs technically it was 10/10 but my six shooter auto didn’t do anything with the tap root that developed😡). 3rd grows when you seriously start getting good at growing , I’m just hitting 5 myself ,good growing mate

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I am sure you are crushing it. Are you happy with the new Grow lamps? I think that all other crap aside…Spend the bulk of your cash on a quality lamps. All this other stuff does not matter if you don’t have a quality lamp your weed is going to suffer.

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CaliGirl…I might show you what not to do…It is all an experiment in learning. I only know enough at this point to be dangerous.

I appreciate that old Grow-Pros like @hellraiser and others who freely share their Grow Knowledge and tips with the Rookies (me). Hard to argue with experience.

Right now my strategy is to grow the plants / seedlings 6th node and then make that first snip of the main stem above the 4th set of leaves as cut #1 of the manifold.

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The last grow was the first grow with the new lights and I was too worried about having them too low or turned up to high so I kept trying different heights and power settings but still produced about 2lbs
This grow I was more consistent with higher power output and closer to the tops (better DLI) and don’t see any issues, I do like the lights a lot I’m considering adding a couple more so the entire ceiling is nothing but lights with very little gaps between them just for the hell of it.
Here is a tent picture there are 4 Blue Dream 2 from seed and 2 clones from last grow which was an excellent smoke
2 Fruity pebbles and 1 Zittlez
The middle and right side are the BD


Nice work Spankster. :heart_eyes:

I am hoping for a 6oz Plus Yield this grow around. My CVaults will need replenishment soon.

I just changed the 4" infinity charcoal filter. I have the exhaust tied off near the top of the ladder in the attic so I can jump up there and take a whiff periodically to make sure I stay in stealth mode.

Have the three candidates sitting under 47 dialed back watts currently. I had them under a supposed Full spectrum 27 watt lamp for seedlings. Wanted to get them under a known good HLG 135 array of diodes.

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Thank you @Work4iT very much appreciated :sunglasses:
You’ve learned a lot from your previous grows you’re going to kill this one I’m guessing 12oz for you!

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These are autos…I like your quote from my last journal/grow earlier this year.

SPAM canned meat (Autos) as opposed to Steak (photoperiod plants)

The gold leaf auto I grew out last time looks real pretty but I don’t have that Pungent Smell after the cure. As a matter of fact, all the autos I have grown out smelled during the grow, but lost alot of that pungent smell after the cure.

Do your photo-period plants have that chase you out of the room smell Pungent aroma when you open the bag?

Autos are confidence builders.

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From 3 plants 4 Oz each is very doable but 3-3.5 is more usual ( the pots are just to small to get plants that big ) but lst them good get at least 1 good underfoliage trim down and you ll get good yields got about 26 Oz from my 4x4 overpacked organic auto variety grow


There is a nice smell but not overpowering but with the new grow I’ll be starting at the end of sept I’m hoping so (will be growing all Indica heavy hitters) seeds are on the way

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Nice work Brother. I think last go around. I yielded 210 grams from 2 plants growing in 3 Gallon fabric bags. I think with autos alot has to do with the genetics of the seed.

I think top 3 things for me to focus on this grow is.

  1. Steady PH input of 6.5 Range.

Lesson learned from Grow 2 that using all RO filtered water with 25 PPM is too low to stabilize PH without mixing a bit of my crappy Tap water with. I needed to get the PPM above 100 to get the PH up and PH down to act correctly. I think this contributed to my leaf discoloration because my PH was not dialed in I do not think. I purchased a better Apera PH and will/have commited the previous SNAFU to memory!

  1. Water to 20% Run off (Flood / Drought)

Lesson learned from Grow 2 that my under-watering created a lack cleansing the fertilizers out of the soil and was build a toxic area near the root ball adding to the discoloration of the leaves.

  1. Feeding Intervals and keeping it constant.

I am needing today re-read all the great advice I got from the members during my last grow


Oh with number 3 be sure to occasionally pick up your pots 1 day earlier then usual to see if they’re getting lighter faster so you know to close the intervals by a day

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What percentage of nitrogen do you use

0% Nitrogen if you are talking gas form tent release. FLORA Trio notes has break down ratio on their label.

Not 100% I follow your question.

I am just keeping it real simple.

I have found keeping it simple works pretty well.

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The NPK 10-10-10 or 5-5-5