Help! Yellow and drooping

PH is staying between 5.5-6
Light cycle 12 hours of light
12 hours of dark.
Everything has gone perfectly on the left plant until now. We’ve got buds, but now leaves are drooping and turning yellow.
This is our first grow 3 months in.
Feeding small amounts of flowering nutrients daily.

What is that set up hydro?
You want pH to be 5.8
What is your feeding EC? :thinking:
How many liters does reservoir hold?
Looks malnourished to me.

I just searched for it…
36 watt light?
3.5 liter tank.
Is this what you have?

Yes, 3.5 liter 36 watt

We feed with this- two dropper fulls on each plant daily and spray each plant lightly

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Is it photo period or auto seed.
What are you feeding it, ?
I see it is flowering now may not have long to go.
You may want to consider getting better quality light for next grow ,you cannot do much with 36 watts.

Are you giving Micro and Grow nutrient as well ?
Need to make up mixture ratio as directed on bottle.
Micro first into water then grow then flora.

Thank you for your input, we just purchased a new light for the next grow and ordered a kit from a pot for pot.
I’m not doing any other nutrients, should I start now? I did micro in beginning, but stopped at flowering. Thought I was supposed to use each one at the different stages.
Really appreciate your help!

I have used these nutrients before but I forget ratio .
Get a bucket with fresh water,de-chlorinated water.
Your reservoir holds 3.5 liters .
The figures I gave are an example read instructions on bottle,there should be mix ratio.
So put water in your bucket add 5 ml of micro per liter,stir thoroughly.
Then measure 5ml grow per liter add to bucket,stir thoroughly .
Then measure 7ml bloom per liter stir thoroughly .
Adjust Ph .
You have to discard old nutrients and rinse it out .
Use de chlorinated water
You have to use Micro Grow and Bloom through all stages at different ratios according to stage in life.
And after you have done that if you can put it in some filtered sunshine for a while until it is time for her to go to bed.

We will do this!!! Thank you for your help!

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Micro first then Grow then Flora.
Always in that order.
Have a great day.

How did you go with your girls? :thinking: