Help what's this bug and how to get rid

Sorry theses are blurry. But could you identify and help rectify. Think it’s an aphid invasion. I sprayed the plants with a slidermitr spray and still some aboutI

I edited your title FYI to ‘bug’ from ‘bud’.

Pictures in white light please: can’t see anything under the blurple.


Kinda looks like a spider mite. But natural light would be a huge help.

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I use Permethrin SFR . It kills all of the insects, is organic, and does not harm plants or flowers, can even be used on eatable fruits.

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Captain jacks dead bug is a community favorite!

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Looks like a White Mite…All mites are bad and suck the life out of leaves…and harm the plants. Capt Jacks is what I’m currently using, there are quite a few “up to day of Harvest” options. Will take more then one treatment to get them under control in most cases.

Others will likely chime in with some other options.

Pyrethrin/permethrin (Natural /Chemical Chrysanthemum extract)

Hope this helps… I’ve notvSeen many. Did give a smidermite treatment yesterday. I hope it’s not sm and looking into lady bugs but they could be out of season so any ideas

I feel your pain. I am dealing with the begining of the same issue. To start i have lowered the night time temp. in tent, along with lowered humidity. slowed them down and i’ve vacumed them off my plants. I don’t want to use chemicals ( my plants are in 5th week of flower) seems to have slowed down tremendiously

Good idea thanks pal. When you’ve eradicated em let me know and vice versa… Have you any idea what they are?

i believe my are some sort of Aphid. I also bought Lady bugs and lacewigs i believe but didnt know i had to basically raise them ( they didnt come hatched) WTF lol

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I was gonna get them. Just need to know what I’m dealng with. Seen less today but Amy eyes aren’t what they were and I ca t find my louoe

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Those are aphids

This will work
It’s made from plant oils only
Check it out on Amazon …read the reviews I’m no salesman


Also look into minute pirate bugs or lacewings …

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Thank you. I’ve aome more pictures as I think there may be various. Hope ones a prefator

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