Help understanding fox tail

Can someone please explain fox tailing.
What to look for?
How to prevent?
How to correct?
What are the effects?

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A bud is said to be foxtailing when it starts growing these long stacks of buds.
Here is an extreme example of it.

Thus the name foxtails as it resembles one and also the foxtail grass many of us see in our yards.
The most common cause is heat stress when they get too close to the lights.
Sometimes its just genetic and you cant stop it. The Pic I posted is far more than you may ever see on your plant. A little bit of foxtailing is not a problem. The worst part is that as it continues you keep getting new white pistils and it becomes difficult to know when the plant is ready to harvest.
The vast majority of the time it is harmless and can be controlled by keeping the plants at a good distance from the lights.


Purple Kush

Indoor, late July and space did not have dedicated AC. I think the foxtailing was caused by excessive heat like @Spiney_norman mentioned. Near harvest time the temps would occasionally hit 85 - 88 with light on. Not often but often enough. Another is excessive amount of light. This plant had 400w Sonofarm LED blasting it to the very end.
I now dial this light and my other lights back the last few weeks of flower.


It’s exactly as noted above. I had a pure power plant which is 70/30 sativa that foxtailed, and it started happening when I bought an hlg 350r and turned it on full power at week 7 of flowering not knowing the intensity of these things. So I’m pretty sure it’s caused by a combo of heat and light intensity.


Thanks for the info fellas