Help! My Arya has cooties!


I took a couple clone cuttings from Arya and brought them in to root. After a few days, I noticed the 2 healthy ones had brown…eggs(?) In the creases where the branches sprout. I went outside to check Arya and found them in multiple spots on her too. The clones I sprayed with diluted peroxide and something that looked like a maggot came out. :nauseated_face:

Strain: GC photo
Lights: VT summer - mother nature
10 gallon pot of promix
On my porch with FF trio - but I have only fed her a couple times all summer.

It was my thought to put her outside and let her go… feed her when she looks hungry and bring her inside to finish off because I am in VT and summer is short and frequently wet in the fall. So I haven’t measured or anything like that… she is au-natural for the most part.

Now… what are these bugs and how do I kill them? They appear to be boring into the stems…

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Looks like a tick?
I’d get some neem oil.

It’s wet (drizzling a bit up my part of the state) but it’s a cluster of brown…eggs? Tiny brown dots when not saturated.

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I would get this

It looks like a carpet beetle to me. If you post that one photo by itself, people will be able to zoom in on it.

Here ya go

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Hmm, okay. Now it looks like a mass of eggs or larvae, not a single insect.

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Spiders? Any bug pics?
I’ve used this

Had a mite or aphids issue cleaned it right up


Lady bugs!

Amazon will send prime live bugs I get 1500 and let them loose periodically


I’d pull them off, spray with alcohol, wipe well, then do a neem spray every other week until you see buds.
Cheftods suggestion is good too.

Buds will be here soon. I’m in Rutland county, (so are @Pat2 and @Cheftodd420). My outdoor plants are showing pre flowers and beginning to stretch.

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I found this furry looking white bug today.

You really need to get some sort of pest control neem oil, the “dont bug me” which is organic and can be used until harvest day. I’ve sprayed my plants 2x in 2 weeks haven seen any bugs at all. I also have my plants near a big bird feeder and the help alot as well. The neem oil is also organic I belive not sure. Dont put it off cause the longer they are there the harder it will be to eradicate them. Btw what ya growing?

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Wooly aphid? Who knows. As mentioned it’s time to do something. Don’t wait.
I start spraying a neem mixture every other week from the day I put my plants outdoors until flowering. I have no where near as many pest issues as I used to have.

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@Drinkslinger is right gotta get on it asap! I just sprayed my flowers outside and my hanging plants cause what was eating my cannabis is now eatting my flowers, so what ever you decide to do do it sooner than later.

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you can see the aphid on the top left of leaf that’s were they hide during the day.

She’s just a clone from my last Green Crack plant. Technically… a clone of a clone :joy:

Hubbs just spent 4 days in Denver and when he got home, he was like… yeah ours is better. :grin::stuck_out_tongue_winking_eye:

I just dropped 2 of those LSD seeds (from you) and 2 CBD bag seeds from my sister in-law for my winter-ish grow


What do those seedlings look like?

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European Corn Borers… I will probably lose most if not all of her :sob::sob: I’ll check her trichs tomorrow and see if I can flush and harvest what’s left.

Question… she has seeds… can I just pop them off? Is there a way to know if they are “done”?

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