Help me with my journey


Hi all.
Ive wrote a post already in other topic but decided to create my own.
So, I already harvested once. Ive joined forum as I want to make everything like it should be done.
On the beggining Ill tell, as a part of therapy, I want to do it right because I just came out from depression, but still on some meds. But Ive been told I need to start thinking positive. So I decided to do some thing Ive never done. One of them is to grow some weed ^^ Could do tomatoes or something else -_-’… but tbh Ive choosen mj because I want to help others. I mean, my friends are buying shit weed for big money, so I will sell it to them. With a profit Ill cover expenses for equipment and (thats another thing which is holding me away from thinking to cut myself) to pay to one of charity foundation. I want to fundraise to make a skydive jump :smiley:.
And also if I will succeed it will give me a satisfation and i will believe Im not a fu…g looser .
So atm got hydromars600w and 3 bulbs

Two fans.
Atm got white widow and royal gorilla seeds.
Some pics

But want to make it in a bigger part of my wardrobe

Ill tell dimensions later on.
But my idea is to make a seeding in smaller part and later after they will grow to decent sizes moved them to larger ,tent’’.
And like I said in other topic Im looking to buy another lamp.
I was thinking about
As im looking first on noise, heat, then efficiency, then running/purchase cost
So, please help me change world and myself :smiley:


Welcome to the best forum around. FYI - only Amazon links (and two others I don’t remember) are allowed. Not a big deal but one of the Mentors would have let you know too. Focus on getting a good light and you’ll be much more successful. DO NOT spend the money on the one you posted. You won’t be happy with the results. Others have tried. Yes it will grow weed, a little. Search for QB or Quantum Boards and read, read, read. There are a bunch of successful growers here and many have written journals that you can review and follow and learn. I will warn you ahead of time that it can get addicting and you will end up spending hours surfing. Start making a list of what has worked for others, ask lots of questions, everyone here will try to make you successful. My first piece of advice is to avoid those lights. There are MUCH better options. Best of Luck.



Second, read the thread on DIY led lights and Quantum Boards.


Check out the plethora of guides too. Lots of great info.


So 2 new ?
First - kelvin range. Which is best? I see they works different on each stage. Is there a range which work good for both veg and flow?
Those quantum boards are giving a lot heat?
I know I can find it somewhere on the forum. But some time ago I was addicted to pc and trying to use it least as possible :confused:
Thanks in advance for help and sorry for my english :smiley:


@trejoo You want 3000K or 3500K for Veg and Flower. Anything higher is only good for veg.


Heat w QB’s is very manageable. Really depends on your grow area. Outside my tent is about 55 degrees right now so I can use a little extra heat. Those further south probably want less. I have no experience w HPS or MH so can’t be sure but likely QB’s run much cooler. Oh. and cheaper.


Right now Ive got 70x80x120cm and temp 29 with hydromars 600w.
Is it better to get the air from the outside or from my bedroom? Ive heard its good to take from inside for CO2. Is it true? Also how its easy to produce CO2?


@trejoo QB s will run much cooler, you don’t want real hot or real cool air so from inside house is good. CO2 can be very dangerous in concentration and you need a sealed room, also you should concentrate on maximizing light before you worry about CO2.


Today in the morning Ive noticed one of them got brighter leaves. Too much water? I give a water just on the beggining a week ago.


The greening will be affected by the light. Plants look good.


@WickedAle the bottom pic he posted looks good? Serious question, im a newbie as well. But to me the yellowish leaves curling down just doesn’t seem right.


As long as (s)he doesn’t overwater and put the lights too close, (s)he should be ok. Establishment of roots is what is going on. You want to have some water so the roots can find it, but don’t want to overwater so bacteria grow and attack the plant. The leaves will green up with some light. First set of leaves usually get nasty anyway and get cut off.


The yellow curly leaves are Cotyledons - they are not true leaves per say. They are the first “leaves” that you see as it sprouts and these feed the seedling for the first week give or take. New growth of true leaves looks ok as near as I can tell from the pics.

Cot·y·le·don /ˌkädəˈlēdn/

  1. an embryonic leaf in seed-bearing plants, one or more of which are the first leaves to appear from a germinating seed.


Ive checked on it now and look even more yellow

I think its overwatered. I took it out from a propagation room for a night to let the coco dry a bit faster(if it will help 0_o)
In early stages humidity need to be 50-70. Why is that? What will happen if it will be lower? Because couldnt find an answer.
Im doing coco plus. What should be a ratio with perlit? Ive heard 1:1, 1:2 . Ive made it with 1perlit:2coco but I dont know why -_-’… it just didnt looked right to me. So Ive made 1p:3c.
Also should I press the mix in a pot to make it more dense no?


Try misting with fresh water and putting a clear dome over the top. Also needs to be warm about 70F. See if that helps.


70? O_o
Its 21 celsius. Ive got problem to keep it under 28 :confused:


Then you could be having a drying issue. Put on a dome until they grow a bit more. 82F (28C) will evaporate water quickly.


Is it a good idea to buy quantum boards from alibaba?
Dont knkw can I paste a link in here :stuck_out_tongue:


Definately something wrong with this one

Its starting to have dark spots on leaves.