Help is my plant a hermaphrodite

So after about 2 weeks of veg I put about 4 plants in with a flowering mother but the white widow was not a fem seed and after going on 3 weeks since 12,12 she looks like she might have seeds or hermie forming or maybe there swollen caylexes and have not showed there sex yet.

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they are pollen sacs, If you havent done so already you really should remove that plant before it releases its pollen and seeds the remainder of your crop.

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Are you sure? I thought so too.

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@mountainman1 is 100% on point cull it asap
Good call mm1

Ok doing it now do you think I’m okay though it’s been on 12.12 for about 2 weeks going on 3. Dose it look like any opened?

Is it a male or hermie? Because if it’s a hermie I’m trying to figure out what caused it.

Its a male for sure
I would put a garbage bag over the whole thing before i moved it if you have other plants in the area
Tie bag off be gentle when handling the plant
And dont touch your other plants with out washing up :wink:

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THESE are my blue dreams there on week 5 of flower so I should be good either way right? By the time there ripe hopefully they would not have time to produce seeds if that was the case

I h axzve 3 of those but vegged way to long and they became 6 footers

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Time will tell
She looks great by the way

That was a 100%male… not a hermi… :wink:



@Bloombeast i pollinate some small side buds at 5 weeks to make my own seeds if u do it with pollen from that hermie ul get feminized seeds. If uve got somehere dark to put that hermie u cam keep it there until some saks open and collect the pollen then apply it with a paint brush

KILL DE MALES…KILL DE MALES. Unless you want a bucket full of seeds instead of flowers.

ONE pollen pod will seed ALL your females. That simple. You make the choice…quickly.

The pods will start spewing thousands of pollen very SOON !!!

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Hi@Saffa. It is really not a good idea to use any hermie plants for breeding purposes, Yes you are right about the resulting seeds being feminised, but the seeds will also carry the hermie traits as well into the f1 generation. Best to use true females and regular males for any breeding projects so as not to carry over with any dodgy traits from hermies.


@mountainman1 how do the pros make their feminized seeds? I thought it would old carry the hermie trait if u let the hermie plant polinate itself? I ended up with a cheese male from a regular seed and just crossed him with 5 other strains roughly 300 nice seeds :smile:

That plant wasn’t hermie. It was all male. If u use it to pollinate U will get reg seeds not feminized. To get fem seeds U would have a female pollinate itself.

Best way to make feminised seeds is by finding a pure breeding female plant with stabilised traits. Take 2 cuttings from the female and grow them out until preflowers appear. Take 1 of the cuttings and apply colloidal silver to the cutting until some male flowers appear. Collect the pollen from the reversed clone and pollinate the other clone with it. Throw away the reversed clone and grow out the other plant to maturity. Reversed plants dont typically produce a lot of pollen so only expect a small amount of viable seeds, but it shouldnt matter as the original mother would have had the desirable traits you were after. Grow your new female seeds and pick the healthiest as a new mother plant or repeat the above process if you wish to continue to grow from seed.