Help I can increase the light from 12/12 on 16/8


plants have 2 months light I have on 12/12h plants are already blooming for the third week I would like to change to 18 to 6 because I also have an automatic plantp how many hours I can extend the day if I can 16 to 8 the plants have already begun to bloom they have a lot of white hairs I can increase. I am asking for help


I’d just keep it 12/12. People do grow auto 12/12 whole life


I grow my autos on 12/12 with no ill affects.


I run my light 16/8 until I see pistol then go 12/12


but I want you to increase the amount of light I can give them 16 hours of light as they started to blossom for the third week


I want to put in a new automatic cuttings right now, I do not care about electricity, I just want to have the best


Now I have 12 hours all plants are white so I can now increase 16/8?


If they are autos Yes you can increase the light schedule since they will flower when they are ready since your already flowering
I would personally leave them alone they flower great under a 12-12 schedule

If they where photos you would cause them to revert back to veg and this would take 3-4 weeks before new growth would start
Photos need 12 hours of dark to flower so any photos in flower will revert back to veg


there are 20 common plants and automatic plants, but now it adds new plants automatically that’s why I ask if I can increase the light for 16 hours I want to give new plants there, that’s why I want to increase the normal normal plants for 16 hours, nothing will happen because they should have 12 hours of light and I want to give 16 What will happen if there 16 and not 12


Autos it doesn’t matter on how many hours
So nothing will happen to them
If you have photos that are in flower now I explained what would happen above
If the photos are in veg now the 16-8 or 18-6 is fine


No you can’t go 18/6 if some or photo period plants they will go back to veg if you increase the light!! Only autos will stay flowering in an 18/6 light period. Stay 12/12 as all plants will grow and flower

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You can go back @jarnkat and I explained that they would revert back to veg
Doing so to flowering photos would cause the same effect as monster cropping a flowering plant
Not that I personally would do this
With that said I believe he is saying he started some photos and would like to switch back to 16-8 so they veg properly and was making sure doing so wouldn’t hurt the autos


@Countryboyjvd1971 yes definitely agree with what you put that’s what I try to explain as well just high so probably didn’t explain well. Should have tagged and agree with you 100% but he cannot flower a photo period plant at 18/6 only autos will flower at that time.

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Agreed he will revert them if In flower already :+1: I edited my original post as well to clarify better
you and I are in same page @Jarnkat :v::cowboy_hat_face:


Your autos should grow fine under 12/12 too. Maybe not as big as running longer light schedule, but just as easy to keep photos in flower too.

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