Help from anyone! First grow! Seedlings

@PurpNGold74 @dbrn32 @BigItch @The_Chef p@Graysin @VirginiaGrowBoy @OGIncognito Hi I know most of us have not meet yet, but I’ve been on this forum reading A LOT! And y’all have been the few names that I always see that really help people out! So thought I’ve give it a try. Just looking for any input. This is my 2nd grow. 1st one completely destroyed due to lack of knowledge on everything! pH, soil, nutes, ppm, ect. Here is where I am now:
3 seeds planted on 4/17 all 3 sprouted 4/20
Soil is FFHF
All waters will be 6.5 pH
Advance nutrients will not be used until about 4 weeks unless y’all say otherwise
Solo Cups till transplant into 5 gallon fabric pots
Oh and seeds are GG #4 photos
Think that covers everything!
Should these stems be purple?
Height hard to tell for only 24 hours old…
Hopefully y’all can help me get to the end. Will make sure to keep all updates on this topic.


Go for ~4 weeks from your last transplant rather than at 4 weeks of age.

This is normal.

Looks good. Be sure to not overwater the seedlings. They only need a couple ml of water each day. If you put a dome over them for the first week (a clear solo cup or a cut pop bottle works fone.) Mist inside the dome a couple of times each day and you won’t have to water at all until you remove the dome. The seedlings can then get all of the water they need from the high humidity inside the dome.

I see that you have been reading the forum for quite a few hours. Keep doing what you are doing. You are on the right track.


@MidwestGuy Yes your name was the one I missed! I always see your name. So happy you found my post and replied! Best night ever! So I have not watered since 4/17 minutes before I planted the seeds and only watered 3-4 oz until I got little run-off. I do have the clear domes on all and mist the inside of the domes when try start to dry. Was wondering when to take domes off! You say about one week? Will that be also when I can/should give them their 1st real watering?


I usually take them off when the leaves grow enough to touch the edges of the dome. It is usually a week to to days. Seedlings sometimes pause visible growth to lay down roots, so it can vary. Begin watering when you take the domes off, but be careful to not overwater. It’s best to let the soil dry out between waterings.


Thanks for tagging me. I’m not the best grower by the book, but I think I know enough to help most new growers because I struggled with the same issues early on.

With a fresh learning experience under your belt, your 2nd grow is going to be a lot different this time. You know it and I know it. You’re humble and willing to listen… that’s all you really need. This is not a house plant.

Can’t wait to see you shining this time.

Step by step.

I’d “force rank” the following list in order of importance for your grow:

#1 - watering, 6.5 ph and flood them then let it dry out until they almost droop. Don’t water them like a house plant so logic and common sense does not necessarily work.

#2 - gradually increase nutes once you introduce them at about 4+ weeks

#3 - keep the tent between 72F and 82F if you can and have air movement to boot.

#4 - relax some and let them do their thing and only intervene when something looks wrong.

#5 - keep reading and learning.

I learned (enough) to be successful from these amazing growers here who are very patient but extremely helpful.

Time for you to shine.


@VirginiaGrowBoy Thank you so much for advice? Will definitely be putting all advice to use! Also love the user name! VA grow boy. Guessing you’re from VA. I myself live in Virginia!


Virginia… Is for Lovers… and for Growers. :laughing:

So glad it’s legal or I wouldn’t even be doing this at all. Squeaky clean guy.


@VirginiaGrowBoy Lol. Absolutely! Hope to learn so much more from all of you. Y’all truly are the best by far! I will definitely be updating once to twice a week depending on how fast they are growing. And just maybe I can make it to the end this time! :grin:


Congrats on the new run, solid pointers from @MidwestGuy and @VirginiaGrowBoy. Keep us posted Growmie :love_you_gesture:


Welcome to the party! You’re in really good hands with members and info above. I’ll put you on follow here and provide guidance as necessary. Best of luck this time around!


Looks like everyone has you squared away… I was lost at a 420 event half the night :joy::rofl::joy::rofl:
My best advise at this point would be… do not micro manage your grow. Try and leave it as best you can. New growers tend to love their plants to death. Gorilla glue is a short stocky plant read all you can on how to spread it out for light penetration.
Good luck :crossed_fingers:
Below is a gorilla glue


Set to watch my friend. Thank you for the tag. The only thing I could add is keep an eye on your light intensity along the way. Download the photone app. Set it to sunlight option and you’re good to go. If using iphone you will need a paper diffuser.


Brand new grower here so I can’t offer any advice but I am mid way through destroying my own first grow :roll_eyes::sweat_smile: so will follow and cheer you along! :blush:


Thanks for the tag. Likewise, you got this! Definitely got some good eyes hanging around. Should be insightful if nothing else. Best of luck!


Hi there. hope you don’t mind if I tag along your adventure. This is a very knowledgeable and fun community. Have fun and good luck :+1: :blush:


Welcome to the neighborhood. You have found the best place for support. The knowledge here is priceless. I have two GG and one GL all photo close to the same stage as yours. Happy Growing :blush::v:


The Other Woman lol!! That quote just got my wife and I cackling lmao!!!


@Tdevine The 2nd one is much easier especially if you took some notes during the 1st one. Best of luck and happy growing!! I have 4 that are 10 days old today so I feel your excitement!


Hey there, hope ya dont mind if I tag along too! I’m also on my second grow. First time was Cherry Pie photo, this time trying my hand at autos & its currently day 12 for them.

Oh, and also from VA! :heart:


@The_Chef Hi and thank you so much for the help. I’m not really knowledgeable when it comes to the light stuff. But I followed your directions and downloaded the photo me app (Android phone) and set it to sunlight as you suggested. Readings were ppfd 190 & lux 10,000