Health check? Help with auto Flowers

Okay guys and gals here the deets
Autoflower strain
Coco HP mix
HGL 260 QB >20" height
Here’77 s the thing.
There 4.5 weeks old
Ppm is waaaaay off
It’s been steadily climbing but half+ of what fox farm says for this stage.
552/688/750. This is all run off from (1)pot
Two fabric bags one plastic (plastic is way better for ease of user. Note to self for next grow. )
I have to starve a day to water all at once. Just wondering if their doing well. Seems 5 more weeks till complete. But they aren’t all that tall (100cm) full grown they say

Oh much longer than that. At least 8 weeks once they start flowering. The times you see on strain info is flower times. Doesn’t include veg stage. They look great. Can’t tell if it’s the grow light that gives the light leaf color.


The color is a bit darker without that bright ass light. But from what I’ve heard its supposed to be lime green? Idk. The strain states 10 weeks max autoflower. I’m halfway thru?

Here’s outside before it’s two fabric pots being desperate needs for water

They haven’t even started flowering yet; not sure how that’d be possible. What strain is it?

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I know , itll be 4 weeks here in 3 days.
Its an auto flower strain from
White widow X crystal meth

Confusion!! I’m a complete beginner here. I got these, then got all auto mix pack from this forums site just to be sure I have stuff to do.
So when they state 8 to 10 weeks to harvest. That’s 8 to 10 weeks after flower? I’ve had them on an 18 hr light schedule. They shot up super quick but I started under a blurple. Any idea about my ppm??