Having trouble determining what these are

Hey everyone. Having a real hard time determining what exactly these are an dhow should I get rid of them. I am leaning towards Aphids and Nymphs.

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Welcome, Greenjeans. I wanted to welcome you to the ILGM FORUM, I am a new grower here but I bet there are a lot of helpers for your problem, like @garrigan62, @Killadruid, @blackthumbbetty, @MattyBear, @Myfriendis410, @Mote, @fano_man, @ SmoknGranny, @Midwestnewbie and @dbrn32. This is just a few of the people who have helped me and they are always friendly and eager to help, so we are giving them a shout out for your needs. Good luck with the bugs and most of all good luck with your grow. :herb:

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They look like aphids.


I’m not a master bug identifier at all lol, but I would say aphids too, possibly thrips if not. I believe spinosad would take care of either in most cases.

Myfriendis410 is tagged above, I believe brand he likes is captain jacks


Too big for russet mites so I’m going with aphids. In veg you can use Isopropyl alcohol 50/50 in a spray bottle without hurting them. Let that dissipate and dose them with Captain Jack’s Dead Bug which is a beneficial bacterium called Spinosad. It takes about 5 days to work so give it a week after spraying then do the alcohol and Captain Jack’s again. That will get everything.


Thanks everyone. I think I caught it early. Seems to only be on one plant right now. I been able to get most of them with my fingers. I read on a site that on early infestations you can simply run water over plant washing them away. I also read that dish soap and water work. Ill swing into Lowes and see if I can find a bottle of Captain Jack’s.

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Also try spinosad it works great and is OMRI listed for organic gardening

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@Greenjeans76 Lowe’s does carry that item.
Item number: #623868 Aisle 22 bay 7

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Aphids in young stage are white , big matures are usually green or brown but yea aphids use pyrethrins harmless uptill day of harvest
Spray under leaves thoroughly this where the young and eggs are treat again in a bout a week to kill new hatchlings be vigilant aphids will start dropping leave by sucking stems dry

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I use Bayer products for aphids - temprid is great but there’s a ready to use product for aphids at Lowe’s in a blue bottle that attaches to a hose (but you can just pour it into a spray bottle/watering can). Immidicloprid is the active you’re looking for - hope that helps good luck!

Hey all! Thanks again for all your help and info. Come to find out I was battling Aphid and Spider Mites. Looks to have only been impacting two plant, one on each. Looks like I’m on top of this now. Trying a few different things. First thing I did was a neem oil spray that I doused the girls in. The next was 2 douses of insecticidal soap. I just did my second one yesterday. Going to follow this up with 1 or 2 douses of Captain Jacks Dead Bug that I picked up. Then I can start flowering these girls. Any thing I should continue to do out side of plant inspection? I read I can use the Insecticidal soap during the flower stage.

I ready told you bro Pyrethrins by ortho ready to spray safe till day of harvest kills on contracted also sulfurated to leave a few days or residue to prevent insects for a few days… TREAT UNDER SIDE OF LEAVES THUROUGHLY that’s where larva and eggs will be …treat again in 5 to 7 days to get any new hatchlings before they mature and lay more eggs

There is NO way I would use pyrethrins on my cannabis. Especially in flower.

from analyticalcannabis.com:

Cannabis growers often use the insecticide pyrethrins to control pest species and protect their crops. These come from a natural source—flowers of the chrysanthemum plant. Various forms of insecticidal pyrethrins can be extracted from the blooms of these plants. Being a natural product, some people think that pyrethrins must therefore be safe. Natural or not, everything is composed of chemicals. Pyrethrins should not be found on edibles or smokables at any significant concentration. But, when these chemicals are used on cannabis, they can be incredibly difficult to quantify.

Pyrethrins kill insects on contact. But these chemicals hurt more than insects. Pyrethrins can also be harmful to humans, especially in cannabis products designed for smoking, because these chemicals can be easily absorbed through the lungs. Compared to many pesticides, pyrethrins are not very toxic to humans, and the most common problem is an allergic reaction, but it can last for days. The reaction gets worse with an increase in the dose.

The trouble in detecting pyrethrins in cannabis, says Adrian Devitt-Lee, Senior Research Associate at CannaCraft, “stems from the chemical similarities between cannabinoids and pyrethrins.” To try to get a better reading, chemists often dilute samples to reduce so-called matrix effects—basically things that get in the way of what a scientist is trying to measure. “Matrix effects are the various interactions between the solution, which can be 20% THC [tetrahydrocannabinol] in cannabis flower, and the analyte—pyrethrins, in this case,” Devitt-Lee explains. “But because pyrethrins are only at concentrations around 1 part per million, we can’t dilute the solution very much.” He adds, “Low concentrations don’t prevent chemicals from being detected, but they reduce a chemist’s flexibility.”

Beyond the low concentrations, the chemical similarity between cannabinoids and pyrethrins amplifies the challenge. As Devitt-Lee says, “Because pyrethrins are very similar to cannabinoids, we are looking for a signal 500,000 times smaller than the background in this 20% THC example.”


That’s weird cuz I’ve used pyrethrins for thrips it’s safe all the way till harvest thought no I’ll effects from last harvest @garrigan62 will tell ya

@fano_man and @Myfriendis410,

I have to agree with @Myfriendis410 I am an oeganic grower and I would NEVER put an non-organic pest kill on my plants. There are plenty of organic recipes out that do just as well if not better.

@garrigan62 when I asked you about my trips issue that’s what you told me to use and you gave me a huge explanation on it and how safe it was up till the day if harvest… I smoked the shit of that shit … I dont know what to say… well I smoked pyrethrins everyone no I’ll effects no bud washing at all and I’m fine… anyway I’m confused man that’s way different then what u told me…

Man I went back and read what you wrote to me and I must have mixed up spinsads with pyrethrins 2 words I wasent firmilar with but probally saw pyfetrins and mistakes it for what u said about spinisads but I did research h that said pyfetrins were safe till day of harvest of edibles… I’d use it again it works good and didnt kill me you no what they say about what dosent kill :face_with_hand_over_mouth:

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I’m glade it worked out for ya, You had me worried there for a sec. I am very up on things and do my best to give the best and most accure responce that I can give. I’m really happy for ya as things came full cicrle

Be Safe My Friend

Yeah, I’ve nuked several plants with pyrethrins. Never again.

Although pyrethrum is totally different. It’s an organic remedy vs the synthetic pyrethrin.

I had the same issue with aphids. I used AzaMax as directed and they were gone within a week. Haven’t been back since. Found them about the 4th week of veg

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