Having a plan in an illegal grow state


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Ha, only if you have nag champa going down the hallway too.

Hmmmm i have never had the thought cross my mind. Thanks for sharing , it may help someone out here down the line be prepared for something like this a little better . Glad your son’s doing well. I know that im going to think about this now. Its decriminalized and we have medical in my state, recreational may be coming soon. But definitely better to be safe than sorry especially with this stuff. Thanks for sharing .

I know this is a month old or so but for whatever it’s worth, my son is a firefighter/paramedic. He could care less what someone has in their house unless it’s a pallet of heroin or a body in the back room. A grow tent just isn’t on his radar. Plus he smokes so he might ask you some questions once the situation is taken care of…