Having a plan in an illegal grow state

so don’t know if this is really the right forum but appears to be. i posted this in my grow journal and i will paste here and then expound just a bit more. "ok, so last night we had an emergency here and we had EMS gonna be coming into the house. the old lady panicked and wanted the plants out of the house. EMS are court mandated reporters of illegal activity. in hindsight we would have been way better off to seal up the tent and turn off electricity to everything in the tent and i believe all smell would have been contained in the tent for the duration of EMS being here. as it stands, out of the 6 plants i had in there, 4 are damaged with some large cola’s broken from the rapid evacuation from the tent. moving the plants through the house actually spread that smell throughout the house where there was no smell before. don’t know if the EMS folks smelled it and knew what it was or smelled it and didn’t know what it was. either way they did not call the local authorities. and may be they didn’t really care. who knows. lesson learned on how i’ll handle that situation if it arises again. 4 out of the 6 plants are within a few weeks of harvest and one of the plants was a photoperiod(not ready to harvest) that has now had it’s light schedule interrupted. don’t know how the disruption and damage is going to affect the plants that were close to harvest. guess i’ll know in a few days or so how all the movement and damage has affected them. "

anyway, i now have formed a plan i think will work in this particular situation if and when it arises again. our 8 year old adopted son was a severely shaken infant at 7 weeks of age and has a multitude of medical problems. we have always just taken him to the hospital ourselves when he has issues. last night the little guy started crashing worse than he ever has before and we thought we were losing him. hence the 911 call for EMS. thankfully the little guy is doing better this morning.

so in retrospect, if you live in an illegal state, have you got a plan? a thought ahead plan in case of an emergency? it won’t help in the case of a police raid but there are other situations that arise just such as ours last night that could land you in legal trouble even though it wasn’t a raid.

just something to think about.


First and foremost happy to know that your little one is doing better. I’ve had one situation similar to yours. I had 6 in Veg and not very old plants that I ended up tossing out. Difficult decision but necessary. I’m in a illegal state that hasn’t even decriminalized yet. Currently have 6 in flower plants and won’t hesitate to destroy if necessary.


I had a situation earlier in the year where I had to throw out my grow. They were several weeks into flowering, but it was necessary.


Great to know your little one is ok and this country needs more folks like you and your wife!! Salute to you both for making a child’s life better. Same here for growing under the radar :love_you_gesture:


I am glad that he’s ok, I can’t imagine what you guys must of been going through. haven’t really thought bout it until now.


thanks everyone. i wouldn’t hesitate to destroy a grow either but neither do i want to jump the gun on it either. it certainly gave me food for thought and a moment of pause. apparently the whole situation is none for the worse now except damage and disruption but that is a very very small price to pay compared to what could have happened. i also now have had a chance to think about it and will react differently next time. just thought it might be a good topic for those to think about in these damned illegal grow states. again, thanks everyone.


@Bulldognuts @BudzMS yeah bulldog, i would imagine most states that are illegal have penalties in place. the law doesn’t have any teeth if no penalty is associated with it. and budz, now gives you something to think about for future reference. sure wished i had already thought a situation like this thru.


Literally the best news I heard all day.

I would familiarize yourself with your state and local laws. State I live in 5 plants or less is basically an expensive parking ticket on first violation. But more than 5 plants is a felony. In your situation I would make sure to have 5 or less. The legal code is hard to read, but if you go Norml website they have brief summary for every state. After that, setup your grow to be as inconspicuous as possible. Use a quality carbon filter and quiet fan with speed control. Put your tent at most unlikely location for anyone to stumble across should situation arise again.

Your local ems probably isn’t all that familiar because you typically handle yourself. But if this becomes more of a routine they probably won’t even think much about it. They’ll be familiar with your son and his conditions. Long as you don’t force their hand or end up getting a walk through from police, you’ll probably be fine. The paramedic/emt’s that responded probably joking about asking you for a bag though.

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I just looked up my state dam I’m screwed. Oh well I think I go trim my plants. :rofl: :rofl: :rofl:


Glad the little guy is OK.

I would just give them no reason to enter the room where my tents are. Hell, I’d put the pitbull and german shepard back there and tell them not to go in there because that’s where I put the dogs for their safety.


Glad to hear boy is okay! I am in a legal State but the counties and cities have different laws which are much stricter.

thanks for the link for the NORML website. my state is so far behind the times. hell, they just did away with Sunday blue laws a few years ago. just one plant here is a felony. i already knew it was bad here anyway. i keep this quiet and as inconspicuous as possible. but you can never discount just plain 'ol dumb, bad luck. but you are right Hellraiser, the dog idea isn’t bad. maybe i need to look at adopting a couple of them to serve and protect :sweat_smile:


Watching his babies.


i do believe he would give anyone a little pause for reflection :rofl:


I thought we had a lap dog until this past weekend, but he’s gonna do just fine.

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Glad you son is ok.

I had a similar situation last fall. My wife had fallen down and broke her hip and had a replacement done. Things were going along fine til one day she fell in the bathroom and was having problems walking. After the hospital experience during the virus bs I was hesitant to go back so I gave her a couple of days to see if things got better. It seems not to be getting better so I had to call the ems to come get her. My grow was on the back porch so I just closed the blinds and kept them in the front of the house. There were no problems with them. If it had been during drying time I’d been screwed cause the whole house wreaks then, ha.

A couple of other close calls the year before when she called 911 while I was working in the garden. She has Parkinson’s and dementia, the dispatcher has here marked down as such so they over look it. If I had not walked out of the garden and the deputy had to come find me things could have gone south. Being an old hat at this I don’t get rattled easily and just keep on keeping on.


sorry to hear about your wife. luckily mine is in fair health. have a friend who’s wife has dementia. it’s tough on him. it will take more to rattle me next time and I am just gonna have to get her trained up for next time. live and learn and sometimes you scrape by on the hair of your chinny chin chin.

I might be old fashioned but incense is your friend.

Even a couple of those plug in air fresheners that smell like lemon…you could plug a few of them in your living room.

That said, EMS is less stressful than DEA…just sayin’… :shushing_face:

Speaking of having a plan, mine is to claim I’m growing hemp. I worked at the local farmers market and have registered as a business in my county. Our governor signed a bill last year, possibly the year before can’t remember for sure so it’s legal to grow hemp. That said there is no infrastructure to process hemp so no farmers are doing it yet. I will claim I’m doing experimental growing of hemp.

Now they may be able to prosecute me for not having proper permits/whatever to grow hemp however they would have to prove it’s marijuana not hemp which is an expensive process. Poor counties like mine do not have the resources to do this. I have read in the nearest big city newspaper that the dea has told local prosecutors not to file cases on small grows for this reason. That could be bs but, that’s my plan & I’m sticking to it, ha.

My state charges growing just like a distribution charge. There’s no difference between selling and growing the way the law is written here. We have 1 or 2 Senators that are pro-cannabis, but that is it. We will be one of the very last states to take up legalization.

Even medical cards would be great here. I have many of the conditions for which cannabis is authorized in many states.