Having a hard time figuring if white widow is ready for harvest

This is my second crop of white widow and a few others… im pretty sure its ready for harvest but id like a second opinion… heres tricome pics i was able to get.

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Hey @Falisec ! Welcome to the forum.

Can you photograph the plants under white light?

We’ll get into trichome cloudiness and amber tint in a bit, but it’s too difficult to see them (only because of color.)


Agreed, they look not cloudy, amber or clear but burple to me. Lol. Need white light. And WW is so yummy just harvested one myself. A lil over 6 ozs dry.


Thanks guys heres some in white light i think i can see very lil amber now? I added a pic of my other ilovemarijuana strains



Cloudy with a bit of Amber well done

I hope you have been flushing. Its up to when to chop. But soon

How long before harvest is it best to start flushing im using soil? Last 2 waterings has been pure water. Thanks for all your help if i would known there was this many helpful people on here i would of posted way before…

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Takes a week or a for soil, also depends on pot size

I dont use soil but I think the process is all the same. Flush to a low pmm and then just water with no nutes. About 2 weeks

Thanks guys im gonna give them one more clean flush… then wait a couple days for soil to dry. Then pull them… or will that be too long… i just don’t want to mess them up. They are 5 gal cloth pots iv flushed twice in last 6 days


That sounds good. Do keep in mind when we say flush we mean low ppms. That normally can happen if you run 3 times the pot size through it, or use a chem like sledgehammer and like 5 gallons of water. Watering to run off does not count as a flush.

You definitely want to just flush the last week to 2 weeks. I grow in soil and this is what I do and so far, my smoke is pretty smooth.

Oh the flush is something iv gotten mixed info on i didn’t realize i need chems to flush… i guess i better get on it then im behind now… that definitely helps for the other 2 that should be ready in 2 or 3 weeks.

Sorry, if u want to flush with say sledgehammer you can get by with less water, if you do not use 15 gals to flush a 5 gal pot chem free.

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I only flush near the end with just water. I just got GH Florakleen in hopes it will help my one plant.

Almost everything about the finish is subjective. It sounds like you’ve been fertigating up until the last two waterings. People who advocate for flushing might suggest another week of straight water, pushing many gallons through the soil with each watering.

I don’t know that flushing is necessary, although I haven’t heard/read anyone claiming flushing hurts.

It’s hard to tell from the larger pictures, but if the majority of fan leaves are starting to yellow and die off, that’s a good indicator that the plant has spent all stored nutrients.

If you continue the light schedule while flushing for a week or two, you’re going to see a higher percentage of amber trichomes; for me, that means a heavier body effect. That doesn’t mean the flowers have lost potency, only that the effect will be different than a mostly cloudy trichome flower.

One thing I suggest you look into is a 24hr light deprivation before the harvest. The logic is that the lights diminish the most volatile terpines.

Lastly, IMO chlorophyll is usually the contributor to harsh flowers, and the solution is always curing for months. That’s anecdotal, so don’t take it as gospel.


The other’s gave great advice. I’m just here to say welcome to ILGM, @Falisec :v:

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Welcome to the forum. It is a great place to be.