Has anyone used these GE lights?

Has anyone used these GE lights for a full harvest ? They’ll eventually be side lighting as I just filed my taxes and am getting the HLG Blackbird . Just set these 6 up from 4 but have 8 total. I still have to check the height and DLI

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You need about 200 true watts to flower one plant, and the boxes say 30. They may fair for supplemental lighting with the blackbird but the blackbird is gonna kick axx anyway.


I used 2 lights on this girl. First grow ever and she was stunted bc small pot. No topping, or lst . Thanks for info

I’m still working on the light positing for her is why she’s in the shade rn.


What about this informainformation ?
is this correct ? If so I’m good.

20 hr light schedule.

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You need to take measurements over your entire canopy and average your readings. One reading directly under the light source isn’t going to tell you much.


I did. I just didn’t want to post all those screenshots. My lights are evenly spaced. I stared there then worked on height I rotate my plants every 6 hours so that prob helps a lil.


The lights are about 18 inches away from canopy.

Is there any reason they won’t work other than than verifying the DLI is uniform across the canopy ?

She has about 2 weeks left ( my guess)

Yeah yeah I butchered that girl fan leaf wise but she’s not too skinny.


They will absolutely work my freind.
How good they work will be determined by the ppfd spread out evenly with high enough DLI…
Migro has videos showing how to use regular led light bulbs and a peice of scrap wood and a cut cord to make a grow light …
So those lights that are clearly designed for growing plants will work.
They are not very practical imho.
I would imagine however many it would take to equal a good $200 budget light would be $200 or more worth of them,
Then the cost of cords and fixtures for each bulb,
They will not be near as efficient as each one has it own built in driver, which leads to other issues.
They run hotter then a single fixtures with a driver that can be mounted separately away from grow area…

Lots of advantages with single bigger fixtures, the only advantage I see with these is the ability to “spot light” or easily place in any dim spots…
Making them great to use as supplemental lights…

Could be more benefits I just can’t see or think of if ya got any thoughts please share…
I’m sure they will work but I believe not as well as the same money or less spent on a single good budget fixture…

That’s my 2 cents anyway :grin:


True. I only started with these bc of my budget and later I can move them independently. My thought is to use them for side lighting so my lower bud sites get more .


Doing alright for what they are.

Another week or two


They’ll grow plants. Curious to what the spectrum is.

Not too bad. A little low on the blues.

True . I can see it’s lacking a lil there. One of those is a flower light and one is a vegging light I had an extra blue light set up in there but someone said since it has a film over the bulb it won’t work.

I’m into flowering now anyway but I will keep in mind it lacks blue a lil.

Have 2 at 4 weeks . 2 more around 3 weeks . First topping and LST. One I messed up and only has 4 heads.
One I did correctly and it got 7 heads. And the two smaller ones you , i feel like i topped correctly so they have 8 heads.

this is a WW I’m taking to harvest with 2 flowering lights

Either way I appreciate everyone’s input and I’m learning a lot. Here’s my 1st grow size vs 2nd. 1st one has 2 weeks left and 2d one is 4 weeks in.

You still want blues for flowering. That’s the spectrum that penetrates further. This is the blackbird spectrum