Has anyone tried Freezer Curing

I was wondering if anyone has tried this method? If so what was the outcome? Is it preferred over traditional jar curing? From my limited research and comments it seems that the finished product is better if done correctly. What’s your thoughts on it?

I’ve harvested two plants and I’m going to try freezer curing some of it after hang drying for 3-5 days. I’ll post pics and results between jarring and freezer curing in the 3 weeks.

Here’s a pic of the buds in a box that I just pulled out of the freezer.

Go to the buy seed page and click on guides type in freezing marijuana in the search bar you will find a good write up on it.

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There was a good discussion here a week or so ago about drying and curing in a refrigerator or wine chiller.

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Thanks dude!!!

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