Has anybody flowered a mother plant?


Ive got a mother probly 100 days old shes got 60+ heads wondering what shed be like to flower?


@Saffa a few people I’m sure have flowered a mother plant. Size pending, be prepared for the stretch and as long as you have the room you could do it. @Donaldj or @Hogmaster probably have more experience at flowering a mother.


Planning ahead but what do you have for your mother plant as lighting?


I kept her short and bushy sitting under a cheap led


not much different than any other 3-4 month old plant just better trained and with a few more tops I usually thin mine some first

That’s my 5 month old Crown Royal mother but most keep mother plants small so it usually still should get few weeks of true veg before flowering to recover from all the stress of being used and abused


Do you have a pic. As I’m getting ideas for when I move to my new house. I have 2 cfl 8 bulb 2ft fixtures I was thinkinof using for my mother plants when I start. Also when you clone from your mother plant how much are you grossing from the clones on average


Nice would u recommend lolli poping all the heads?she hasnt been used in a month so it has been in the same pot tho so im not sure if it will get root bound before she finishes up


Those lights will work good. What do u mean by grossing?


I thin and usually transplant to larger pot then give 2-3 weeks for recovery before I flip


What’s the final weight of harvest you get from each clone?


Thanx for the info @Donaldj im already in a 7.9 gallon pot just put her in a 16 gallon pot with a scrog screen over her will post a pic once all the heads have turned up towards the light


Depends how u want to go about it. Long veg and a few plants or quick veg and lots of plants i get 5oz off each with abit of training/ topping i veg them bushy and tall then before i flip them i bend them down in all directions abit of lst will keep them like that long enough to lower a scrog net down on them and ur away its all about square meter coverage and how many tops u can get in there


@Donaldj i got a scrog over her they are 2 inch squares



@Saffa I’m all out of likes, but I like the net. It’ll do great.


looks familiar :wink: