Harvesting my goldleaf

So my goldleaf is kinda confusing me. It has 100% orange/red hairs, but the tricombs are still rather clear. Does anyone know if this is normal for this strand? I also have a few purple haze with about 30% milky tricombs, but with new growth and new white pistols. Both are ILGM, and very big. Id hate to mess up my first harvest lol


Pictures tell a lot too.
For the most part sounds like it’s just not quite finished yet. They’ll cloudy up eventually. @Bones

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I just finished a Gold Leaf. The pistols were brown for several weeks before it was ready to harvest. The last few weeks are critical for the buds to add weight.

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As @Covertgrower said pictures will definitely help.


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Hopefully yall can see its hard to get pics withe the air moving in there lol

Welcome I had pretty much same results as @Bubblehead the pistols were brown for several weeks before I got about 5% Amber on the tricombs. Great finished product has become one of my favorites. Also a pleasure to grow.

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