Harvest questions


Btw…even indoors, mold is a problem.

My tent grow had colas 10 to 15" long and wonderfully thick tight buds…BUT…during one of my daily “spread the buds” inspections…I found a few buds with great looking outside, but, brown rot on the deepest inside sections. Had to harvest a little early. Thankfully with very minimal loss. Maybe 6 buds is all.

Got lucky…one time had massive huge AK47 single colas that looked great but had black nasty mold in and tru every single bud. Total loss.


I already have a plan for next year, the motion cam will capture an image, but I want to catch the son of a bitch. I’m thinking some cow bells may do the trick, my bedroom window is about 20 ft. from the plant


Oh, no, that really sucks. I’m so sorry that happened to you, but at least it was only one partial plant rather than an entire crop. It’s just one of the problems with growing outdoors.


That fuqn sux :rage::rage: them mother fuqn son’bitchez :muscle:t3::skull:

  • SmoknGranny sends her love @Pat2 @TDubWilly and says, “Things can be replaced. As long as they’re okay is most important.”


Mine is maybe 50 feet. I was counting on proximty to the house, guess i should not!


Yes @raustin , it was only one plant, but that one plant was my whole crop.


Oh, jeez, i’m sorry.


@raustin If you go back to post 349, you will see what I harvested the night before they took her.


Looks like you managed to save a pretty nice haul anyway. Again, i’m really sorry, people suck.


I’m guessing about a pound : )


If you weighed it fresh cut, it’ll be about 20-30% of that weight.


In states where it is legal, if you are following the guidelines, this is a felony now and you can have them arrested. It’s been done here already.


The wife put the ky-bosh to that, she doesn’t want the publicity .


So true. I never thought I’d be able to call the police.
But who wants to be on the local news. It’s a small state, and an even smaller city.


Ok guy’s, and gals, I’mm baaack , from a short, but painful stay in the hospital. Hopefully we’ll have a quick recovery, and the end result will eliminate, or at least reduce, the chronic pain in my lower back. As some of you know, I just harvested about a pound of buds, they dried in the drying rack in my tent for six days, before they went into quart Mason jars. I know different people, have different ideas going forward. I would like to hear them all. I have to say, I’m a little disappointed with the flavor, I’m hoping with age she will taste better (still a little home grown taste). Any suggestions would be appreciated. Thanks, great to be back. @Drinkslinger @Budbrother @blackthumbbetty @MBgrower @Stomper @TDubWilly @HornHead @tanlover442 @ryry @Myfriendis410


That’s normal for the short time it’s been curing. Gasses are coming off the plant material: breaking down chlorophyll which is giving you the grassy taste and aroma. It’s normal to “burp” the jars for 15 minutes, twice per day for a couple of weeks to vent those toxic gasses.


I tend to “burp” for an hour twice a day for first week then once every other day for two weeks. Oh and having jars in darkness is nice as well. Everything is better with age :wink:


Glad you are back in action.


Would have ben nice if you harvested some about a month ago to help you medicate :slight_smile: Get better!


Thanks to all, for the advice , and support. I did harvest some buds early because of "bud rot " . In hindsight, I’m glad I did, because thats what I’m medicating with now. I grew that queen from a bag seed. She has rewarded me with a really nice head, and body, high. No coutch lock effect, just a nice medicinal high. I have 18 qrt. Jars full of beautiful buds. I’m sure they will get better in time if I don’t do anything to screw it up. That’s why I wanted to check in with you guys. @Drinkslinger @Budbrother @blackthumbbetty @MBgrower @Whodat66 @ryry @TDubWilly @tanlover442