Harvest or not?

I have made a rookie mistake and bought late flowering big bud seeds the weather is getting colder and some leaves look like they are starting to go a little yellow, due to circumstances she can’t be covered and some the bud looks almost ready.
Can I leave her a little longer or should I harvest?

What exactly are the temp’s at night ? By looking at the size of your pant the root system will be well established to weather the cool nites.
Have you checks her trichomesi using a magnifying glass to see if there. Milkie or amber you should shoot for more amber but that’s up to you.

And Welcome to ILGM. I’m sure others willump in

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I will get an magnifying glass, temps at night are just on freezing but get into mid to high 60 at day,
Greetings from New Zealand!!

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OMG, that plant is Huge, I know I’m a little late with any response to this , but I just ordered some Big Bud seeds from ILGM for next years Outdoor Grow, in the description they said this plant gets Big and from the pics I can see I’m gonna need to be careful as to where I place this plant, can I ask how long it took to get this big, weeks , months ??
ps, Greetings from New York

Big? Yeah you right. Hmmm may have to rethink next order unless I could majorly train it. Look like Paul bunyans plant

They took 6 months to grow, I had them inside for 4 weeks and then planted them outside.

How did it turn out ?any pict,Hammer

I’m a first timer at this. Great to watch them grow. What I wanted to ask was. From the time I see my first pistols, how much longer until they mature?

Sorry but my plants are only about a foot tall. Is that quick growth spurt

@Loubird with no more info then you provided it’s difficult to pin point it Down … Indoors OR out … hydro,OR soil OR soiless. Strain ?? … But on average a plant can be harvested 8-10 weeks after first sign of bud set … this is a average time frame only …Hammer