Harvest in dark?

Your final 2 day dark cycle :bike:
Do you have to cut plant from root in dark ?

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I’ve never done a dark period. Some people swear by it though.

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Thank you

At the end of the dark period whether a regular lights out or extended period the THC and Terpene level will be their highest if they haven’t yet been exposed to light.
Immediately after the plant gets light it signals the plant to go back into grow mode and the levels will start to drop.
So yeah, better off to chop in the dark.


This has been examined, lab tested, and explained a few times but I’ll give you the summary.

Harvest in the dark, once you open the tent, you have less than 2min to cut the main stem before you effect quality negatively. By how much is it noticeable, some will say none and some will say it’s noticeable.

We know that lab tests show terpenes and thc levels are highest 48hr after lights out, after 48hr in the dark the plant doesn’t have any stored energy left to keep producing oils and they degrade or evaporate at a faster rate then produced.

Why darkness? Light degrades tricombs, tricombs are sunscreen amongst other things to the plant and thus light degrades tricombs while also stimulating the plant to produce more.
A reason defoilation is highly recommended is due to the fact stripping leafs will expose buds to more llight causing them to swell more.

When it comes to the chop, the science shows that plants build starches Durring the day and then consumed to create sugars at night which is spread around the plant to help repair and feed the plants biomass.

This is why true darkness is soooooo important, light leaks don’t allow the plant to fully take advantage of dakr periods and that causes an unhealthy plant.
When it comes to harvest we would like to harvest with the highest amount of plant health and this happens after leaving them in darkness.