Harsh taste after curing

I hope someone has some advice…
I grew a couple of Jack Herer plants and harvested and cured them as recommended. I was very careful during the curing process.
Unfortunately, the smoke is very harsh and smoking a small bowl full can leave us with a sore throat. The taste is not bad.
In the old days, (60’s) we grew it, dried it and smoked it… and it was good.
I can’t think of anything I did that would cause the harshness.
Any ideas or suggestions?

Did u flush ur plant before harvesting this could be the difference between a smooth smoke and a harsh one

  1. Try it other ways, I get a different flavor experience in a vape vs joint vs bowl.
  2. Try curing it longer. If it tasted green anytime during step 1, it definitely needs longer.
  3. Maybe you don’t like the strain. I think that’s supposed to be a “spicy” one? Anything in the “earthy” category I find I like it more as it spends more time in step 2.

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I didn’t do anything special. I stopped watering for a few days before harvesting. That’s it.

Ok see if you were using bottled nutrients u need to flush ur plants for a week or two before harvest this will in sure ur smoke will be smooth and not harsh also when drying ur buds you want a long slow dry where u have ur humidity around 55-60% and ur temp around 25 degrees Celsius all these factors come in to play with having a good amooth smoke

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Thank you for the thoughts. I don’t know if I can cure it more… it’s been 4 months now. But I’ll try. I was thinking I might put some orange peels or apple in it to add some moisture.

The only nutrients I used was a little horse poop mixed with the soil. I dried it long and slow using a mason jar.
What do you think about adding some moisture back in with some apple and curing it some more?

Im not to sure about that maybe one of the other members with more experience with this can help you @Borderryan22

I might be misunderstanding you but did you dry and cure in the mason jars if so that will explain why its so harsh

According to Dr Bruce Bugbee, harvest flush is only useful if you’ve overfertilazed. I’ve gone to H2O for the last few days and the smoke is remarkablly smooth after 2 months jar curing. I do believe that slow drying as @Aussie_autos says is important, but you’ve covered that base. I’ve found that humipaks in the jars helps stabilizes the RH in there. I put them in after the jars have been burped daily for 3-4 weeks. Also, a bout with Omicron (you remember that) can weave you with a very sensitive throat area for months. This I know from personal experience.

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Did you dry it in the jar

Needs to be dried before you put it in a jar to cure


Doing a flush is a myth it’ll make really no differences in taste looks or smells really. I’ve done both flush and no flush same strains and taste the same look the same smell the same. By harsh what do u mean?? I have some that are a harsher type but like stated they r a spicy type with the hit. My wife hates those kinds as it gets her alot. Sometimes it causes a burn feel to her nose and throat or one bit the other lol. Like runtz seems to get her with the spicy aftertone I believe it was runtz.

It tastes ok… it’s after smoking a little, a sore throat develops and can last into the next day.

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Hmmm. What’s the buds look like. Take a pic of a pile broke up and some. IDs not broke up let’s see what it looks like. Use camera flash only so it gets good colors let’s see what they t looks like make sure not bud rot wed or anything. Is it brown or green??

I can take a photo later… no whole buds left. Dark brownish green color. No mold. Well dried. They never had a chance to rot. Air dried inside the house before they went into the jar. Jar lid removed several times a day when curing… for several months. It smells really nice now and did all through the drying and curing.

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