Hanging Carbon Scrubber

So, I just got my scrubber in from Amazon, and I guess I had NO IDEA that this was going to be ginormous. I doubt my tent will support its weight, and even if it does, I’m not sure I’m comfortable with this huge thing dangling above my young ladies.

My tent is 2.5 x 4 x 4.5 high, and I have three plants flowering in the tent. Is it okay to mount the scrubber vertically from the floor and pull the air directly through the ceiling sleeve, or does this thing need to be up at the top of the tent for best results?


I would think that if the air is being pulled toward the scrubber it wouldn’t matter where it is. Although, if you are using co2 there may be a question of whether co2 is going out before plants can use it. You probably have a fan in there ,if co2 is stirred up in there yer probably good. As you probably know co2 is heavy.

here’s an idea if you have the space. An airtight box with blower mounted attop the scrubber, use a short piece of venting hose from blower out of airtight box. With a length of vent hose from tent to box the box should pull air from the tent, scrub it and push it out of box.

Interesting, so you would keep the scrubber outside the tent?

Well, it’s an option. You would have to build it with a hinged top or door. I think a top would be easier to use and make airtight when closed. Maybe weather stripping and a latch like that of an old fashion Mason jar may keep the door closed tight. You’ll have to tinker. If your box isn’t air tight it won’t pull from your tent.

Hmm…I’ll have to consider it. Thanks!

I’ll be here all week. :smiley: No problem. This seems to be a good place to hang for info.

Some people do put it on the floor but I would suggest you hang it in your tent. It will have no problem supporting the 15 or 16 pounds that it weighs, they all support over 50 pounds.

Many/most people hook it up something like this…

-Best wishes


I actually ended up compromising. I have it mounted on a table 2.5’ off the ground, and the fan pulling air through it and out the side vent. It’s working tremendously.

The smell was very present, then the next day, it was gone. I’m very pleased. Maybe I went a few sizes too big with it, but if it keeps curiosity away, it’s well worth it.

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