Growing with Disabilities, Limitations & Handicaps

In the short time I have been a member here I have read where some of our community (Myself included :blush: ), have had small difficulties with their day to day chores with their gardens. For some it’s eyesight, physically limiting injuries, wheelchair bound, etc. where it’s not always easy to accomplish what should be “easy” tasks. Bending over or kneeling are just two examples of those difficulties that some of us may face.
Elevated gardens and the use of sprayers or drip systems to water are a few methods to I have seen used by some of our community. In my first tent grow I am using a plant dolly making it easy for me to turn the plant to me rather than stretching through the tent.

So if anyone would like to join this discussion or just to offer advice , or even just ask for solutions, please feel free to join in :hugs:


A very good thread, I have a back injury and had trouble assembling my grow tent, trying to hold things like the fan and carbon filter in place while cable tying in place, holding the LED light up while my mum attached the hangers then hoisting the light up to the top.

The pain relief I will get from the cannabis I will grow makes it worth it.


Thank you @FrostyBuds for your input. I had the same problems setting up my grow tent and equipment. I’m glad your mum was there to help you :hugs: