Growing in windowsills

Question from a fellow grower:

: Hi, I would like to grow a few cannabis plants by the windowsills. But the issue of potential odours worries me and I can’t afford a growing tent with exhaust fan and a carbon filter. Will activated charcoal bags placed near the plants and charcoal powder on the soil beneath the plants do the trick?

Probably not. When the plants get about two plus weeks into flower they will start to smell. They really start to smell later into flower. I’ve come home a few times and my entire house smelled. I vented the tent directly outdoor to prevent that from happening.
Growing indoor, especially if you are concerned about the smell, can be a little costly to start. After that initial cost it’s smooth sailing.


Hello growers, i am new here. Need to get some tips for my grow. I am pre-cultivating my 6 plants fotoperiod seeds on the windowsill for 3 weeks now, 1 galon textil pots each, biobizz lightmix as a potting soil, feeding them biobizz grow every 2-3 days when the soil seems dry. First two weeks were good, but this 3rd week i moved them on my balcony through the daytime to get them more light, but they seem strugling a bit these days, the grow only in stems, almost no progress in leaves, some of them instead of deep green they got lighter green now. They have some new leaves, but they are smaller and are not growing too wide. I dont use any additional lights, maybe thats the problem i guess, but i have to wait for the 2nd week of May to put them outdoors in the garden, the temperature in the night is still too low here in Mid-Europe. Will they survive and get big when they get outdoors in May? Was it a mistake to make them grow on the windowsill for a month to save some time and not to put them straight in the ground outdoors in May?

Pics would help. Could be your plants are going into flowering, which would explain the stretch of the stems and not growing any more big leaves.

I guess they switched to flowering stage right? Now what are the options for me? Should i germinate new seeds or what?

After seeing pics, don’t really see any signs of flowering, no pre-flowers, probably just stretching due to lack of strong light and not enough hours of it.