Growing in Coco Coir

Ok my current grow is in FFOF. I have always grown in coco. It has been 9 yrs since I’ve grown. So this first run was a set my grow area up and get everything smoothed out. (As much as that can be done with any grow). I will be returning to coco for my next run. I’m sure there are tons of different brands out there. Any recommendations out there?

I just moved to coco. 50 liter bag of canna coco was available for $23 at local shop, seems to be pretty good so far.

I think biggest thing to look for is whether it’s pre rinsed and buffered. If not, you need to account for that rather than already being done.

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I used Roots Organics which is washed and buffered. More pricey than DBRN’s though. Personally I prefer Promix HP: it behaves like coco but is more ‘airy’ and compacts less. It PH’s to around 6.0 and doesn’t sequester calcium.