Growing in a greenhouse, some specific advice needed

Please advise this fellow grower:

I have a small greenhouse attached to the back of my garage. My house is
in the middle of my 5 acre lot and unseen by neighbors. The greenhouse
faces s/sw, but has enough deciduous trees nearby to cast broken shade
for much of the hottest portion of the day. I built it to provide
winter shelter for my most fragile species of bonsai, and so it is
fairly empty during the spring, summer and early fall. I will only be
growing weed for personal consumption for both recreational use and for
help with my PTSD that results from the Vietnam war. I am a 100%
disabled veteran, and the drugs the VA provides are only marginally

so there is hopefully enough background… My questions are: 1. What
would be the best strain(s) for my purposes and environment? 2. How
large a container should I transplant seedlings into e.g. is 2 gallon
sufficient or should I use 5 gallon buckets? 3. Should I drill holes in
the bottom if I use plastic buckets or just use a layer of pebbles? 4.
What would be the best bang for my buck regarding seed acquisition (I
already have 3 seedlings started from Nirvana, Yumbolt, and AK48 that my
stepson gave me. All are supposedly feminized. I’d like to get maybe 5
more going in hopes of getting at least 4 all the way to maturity.

you in advance for your advice and for providing the excellent
information contained in your fantastic PDF downloads. They are a
fantastic reference! My situation is somewhat of a hybrid of indoor and
outdoor environments and reasons for consumption (recreational and

First of all, thanks for your service! I’ve been using this site for a while and you can really pick up good info. This is only my second grow and I remember starting out and have seen a lot of these questions a lot. Strain is largely personal choice of what works better for you. Robert has a nice assortment of Medical Marijuana. His genetics are good.
What ever size container you choose, drainage is essential ! !
His Free Books are great for starting out ! A lot of information in those books that will walk you through your grow0.

Good Luck and Good Buds