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these are the plants 1 month in , fully transplanted in fox farm soil with mykos in it . And the tent was finally picked up. What are some next steps to approach .


Looks like you may have a little ph or nutrient issue coming on. Can you give more details about your grow?

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@dbrn32 I had it in vermiculture soil before I moved it into the fox farm , I haven’t put any nutrients yet into the plant . I have only given it water from bottles.

Probably just a little tip burn from nutrient charge in the fox farms soil. I would just keep an eye on it.

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They appear to be suffering from moderate to chronic N deficiency.

-Over watering

  • Chemical compound nutrient incompatibility (shock)
  • pH
    -root damage

First thing I see is you color temperature looks like a 2000k which is a red light for flower it will work but its better for flower if they never had nutes before ff is know to be hot for young plants might have a little extra hot batch… but how many days has it been in the ff… which ff did u use ocean forest is hot I like to use ff light warrior for seedlings loaded with beneficial bacteria and mycos super light and airy perfect for roots

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And it dosent look like deficiency it looks like toxicity and over watering… becarefull will the watering only water when your soil drys out completly just before your plants will is the best time to water… when the soils drys out is when the roots are able to uptake nutes what kinda water are u using… if its tap u might want to test you ph you can get an idea with a reagent test for 5 dollars for the kit or about 15 with the ph up and down since your small scale but ph is important and proper watering is key over watering will give you a droopy leaf and yellowing of your leaves

Another thing I noticed you said that plant is a month old… it is definatley stunted from something 4 weeks in optimal conditions your plant should at least 12 inches tall you need to do some testing broski

@fano_man is on to something here…
Tip-burn and light colors says ph and possible toxicity…
Plants are still young and will bounce back… :wink:

It’s hard to mess a plant up in veg something has to be way off weather its human error or just not knowing but to me there lil behind schedule and I have over watered plants at thats stage and it greatly reduces there growth rate it cant take nutes if the soils stays wet hence it wont grow right because it not able to take what it wants do to the wet conditions I’ve heard this before in auto pots …the watering is not a timer right? Cuz if it is take it off do the puck up test when u pick up your pot and it feels super light then your ready for water if it still has alot of weight to it let her dry more she will thank and u will thank you

I’m sorry I mixed u up with another fellow grower your not in auto pots but still dont water to much it a common mistake by first time grower