Grow Cycle Question


In your published indoor Grow Cycle you show 2 Weeks of Vegetation and 9 Weeks of Flower with no nutrients the first week; however, the Flower Power Feeding Schedule shows 4 Weeks of Vegetation and 9 Weeks of Flower with the fertilizer beginning in the first week. Can you please help me understand why there is a difference? Thanks, BZ


One important question before calling the Big Guns… Are you growing feminized auto flowering, feminized or regular photo period seeds? @billzink

One other important question, do you know that there a difference in the way you gone a have to treat those seeds ?

If it’s auto flowering feminized seeds, follow Robert schedule.

~Al :v: :innocent:

P.s. Maybe I am wrong and @latewood can surely clarify this :wink::grinning:

The original fast start grow schedule from Robert that you are talking about was exactly that. A simple quick grow in the shortest period of time.

The Flower Power nutrients were just recently introduced and well…The schedule is different. Flower Power had not yet been introduced.

The reason that you are now prompted to add “start” to your 0 week is to build a solid foundation to your grow. Flower Power style!