Grow and bloom nutes during flowering?

17 days into flowering, general organics nutes., bio thrive grow is 4-3-3, bio thrive bloom is 2-4-4, lots of yellowing leaves; have not used grow since switching to flower, can I add the bio grow to the nutes? I was thinking 50/50 on grow and bloom, I’ve thought it was a mag issue but I give it cal/mag during feedings per chart, so maybe a nitrogen def. plant has been flushed and always water to run off.


It’s a good idea to slowly mix in the bloom nutes percentages. Easier transition for the plants.
Once the plant is going into bloom/flower, it will increase height(stretch) and literally inhale massive amounts of water/nutes. Yellow leaves is too much water if at bottom…not nuff nitrogen if all are yellowing.

Have pictures? What were your ph and ppm like, and is that the reason you flushed?

Only one watering after transplant, I think the 3 gal pot had a lot to do with yellowing leaves, it’s a big plant, moved to a 7 gal pot, no stress at all, set plant in and fill around it, ph was 6.7 going in, 6.7 out, ppm 780, again just plain potting soil mix with fox farms, nutes in a cpl days, it actually doesn’t look bad in nat light, but under the white red blue led it looks worse, why is that?

Actually no flush, just repotted