Grow 3: Quantum Haze


Yes we do. My yields may not be as large as some other methods but the potency is certainly there and the process is reasonably worry free. Just add water.


your killing it son!


Good morning folks.

Beginning of week 4 and all 4 plants are budding.

All the plants seem happy and are giving off a sweet citrusy aroma.

Purple Haze from ILGM

Super Silver Haze from ILGM

Pineapple Haze from ILGM

Strawberry Kush from ILGM

Still a few weeks to go but we’re seeing real bud development. Purple Haze may even be starting to show some purple pistils.

Thanks for stopping by and happy growing! :sunglasses::v:


beautiful hippie just beautiful great job keep on keepin on


Wow they look gorgeous! You grow some fine looking ladies :wink:


Looks great.


girls look smashing! gotta love those QBs…


The QBs are serious game changers. Im running the same wattage draw in a 4x4 tent that I used in a 32"x32". The Marshydros did a fine job but I’m lighting a bigger space with double the plants and getting better results. Vegged a week or two shorter and the buds look amazing.


Feel like I’ve heard this somewhere :thinking:


Purple Haze is showing color!


My next observation.

I’m almost at 4 weeks in flower and, if I recall correctly, my past grows didn’t show as much leaf growth around this time. With this grow, I’m still seeing lots of vigorous leaf development. Buds are growing nicely too but all 4 plants are still growing strong. I have to think the Quantums are the reason for this and I’m getting excited to see how big they actually get.


Could be, some plants are just more leafy too. Hard to say exactly, but plants are healthy and growing well.


Georgeous my friend. And you used the kind soil again?


Yes, Kind soil with a mix of Promix Bx and FFOF as a top medium.


Good morning growers.
Start of week 5 and we’re in cruise control.

Clockwise from bottom left: Strawberry Kush, Pineapple Haze, Purple Haze, Super Silver Haze.

You can definitely tell they are 4 different strains. They smell amazing. The SK is really sweet and PaH really does smell like pineapples.

Here’s a couple potential BOM candidates.

Strawberry Kush

Purple Haze


Looks like you’re putting those lights to work, you have some very nice colas.


Wow nice buds!! They look scrumptious :wink:


Very well done so far @SilentHippie. Killing it broham. They stacking everywhere and looking frosty. Isnt it cool looking at the completely different genetics express themselves


I love the different strains. Before I started growing, I was never a "connoisseur ". I just smoked what I could get. I had no idea that there was so much variety. Now I want to try them all!


I definitely have that problem. 6 diff strains running. And just wait til next round. Gon have 3 for clones of each and probably6 new strains :man_facepalming:t5::man_facepalming:t5: